Tor Browser 7.5.3 is released

Tor Browser 7.5.3 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

This release updates Firefox to 52.7.3esr. In addition, we are updating HTTPS Everywhere to 2018.3.13.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 7.5.2 is:

  • All platforms
    • Update Firefox to 52.7.3esr
    • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2018.3.13
      • Bug 25339: Adapt build system for Python 3.6 based build procedure

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newbie searching clueless however

> newbie searching clueless however

Tor Browser is a version of firefox browser you can install on any computer which uses Linux, Windows, or Mac OS.

Assuming you are considering installing and using Tor Browser, see this page to help you decide:

Here is where you go to fetch Tor Browser tarball with your existing browser:

(Make sure to fetch the detached signature also and to use GPG or PGP to verify the tarball before you install it. GPG is a separate FOSS software you already have if you use Linux, but you should be able to easily obtain it if you use OS or Windows.)

Here is a good page to read before you do a great deal of web surfing with Tor Browser:

If you decide you need more security/anonymity, you can consider using Tails.

Tails is a complete operating system you can boot on (almost) any 64-bit computer from a DVD or USB. It includes Tor Browser and also text messengers with extra security/anonymity properties. It is also ideal for working "offline" on preparing documents, for example if you are a whistle-blower or political dissident. See:

Here is what Tails says about surfing the web:

Hope this helps give you the core of what you need to know about whether you should use Tor Browser or Tails, and if so how to get them and use them wisely.

Can't imagine the internet without Tor Browser anymore.



March 28, 2018

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I think it is good to imagine an internet without the need for tor .... anymore

focus towards the goal and we will all meet some day

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Tor devs and their colleagues are wonderful people, we love y'all :)

I am a beginner. I would just like to thank you all for helping me learn .sorry I don't have credit card nor $ to donate


I worry that the people who need Tor most are often not able to safely donate generously, but if you can donate even a small amount that can sometimes help Tor make the case to foundations that Tor has a large user base of at risk users. Also, Tor is almost entirely volunteer operated--- in particular, Tor nodes are almost entirely operated by volunteers (and sometimes by our enemies, but that's another issue). That can be expensive, of course, but if you speak a language other than English you can possibly help Tor Project with translation.

I think it is worth noting that you or anybody can help in so many other ways than donating money by donating your time to projects like ours. That in turn can be done in many ways as well depending on skill set, experiences, and interest: it could be outreach helping to spread the word, it could be helping with blog comments on this very blog, it could be coding, it could be patch review, it could be...

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Tor x64 for windows, yes, no, may be ?

The alpha version of Tor Browser has a Windows x86_64 version, but it is not yet ready for the stable.

I speek German

Which is a very very interesting thing.

Been around for 80 odd years been with TOR since the beginning, So before I Pop my clogs, Thanks to you all for all your Work; Never Been on Face book or Twitter, so I don,t suppose I ever existed; So once again "Thanks Tor"

Question: was Tor created as a Global Law Enforcement effort to combat cyber-crime. If so, it's the most sophisticated (and simple), bait and switch tactic ever dropped on the unsuspecting world of fools. Tor may 'offer' better anonymity, but wouldn't it be interesting to discover that Tor was being used almost exclusively by Global Law Enforcement to expose their primary target demographics?

No, it was not. For the history of Tor and onion routing see:

I worked for the gov for many years and Tor is a really needed app, The gov is very interested in all comm between just reg people. It is a very very needed program to STOP the intrusions in the life of lawful citizens. If they really wanted to know what people think just ask us. Thank you.

As a former UK police officer, soldier and civil servant, I greatly appreciate the security you guys.provide. Being retired, to say I am short of money is like saying Marconi was keen on radio! However, having spent most of my adult life combating crime and terrorism, I greatly resent having the government (or what passes for such in UK!) looking over my shoulder like a naughty child! Great work TOR, keep on truckin`' Best Regards, Gary

Pretty much excited to use Tor every single day.
You guys are awesome.

How to donate ?

Thank you.

You can find information about how to donate on this page:

Thank you...


1) How do I update tor browser from within tails?
2) I downloaded the bundle and ran it with TorLauncher disabled, but how do I change the control port?

You don't. The Tails people are working on an update including the new Tor Browser. It will hopefully be available later this week.

fix the captcha blocks? fix the site blocks?

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.c4f31502.1522185111.9c70759


so much for being a best buy!

U tha best!

Thanks for the update. Somehow is my browsing much slower than before. Also my entry node is new in the USA, but im in Europe, maybe the slowless is cause of this? How can I have an entry node nearer to me? Thanks for help, Thomas

> Somehow is my browsing much slower than before.

Maybe check at to see what is the bandwidth of the entry nodes your browser has chosen? Chances are they are large, eliminating one possible source of the problem.

I check it, it is fast with over 1900 KB/s. Thanks for the hint

> Somehow is my browsing much slower than before.

>>Maybe check at to see what is the bandwidth of the entry nodes your browser has chosen? Chances are they are large, eliminating one possible source of the problem.

I check it. it's fast, so it's another problem. Thanks for the hint.

Still no proper SHA checksum files like all other software downloads.

Always the bullshit excuse of making people jump through hoops and expose their ip to validate downloads.

Offer checksum files so sites like can keep a history which also provide multiple points of verification.

Not a single check site where CIA/NSA can inject their own version using MITM attack during download and verification.

There are those files. See the sha256sums-signed-build.txt file in the respective Tor Browser version directory e.g. on