Tor Browser 7.5a8 is released

Tor Browser 7.5a8 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

This release updates Firefox to version 52.5.0esr and Tor to version version The HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript extensions we ship have also been updated.

This release also includes a new Tor Launcher with an improved progress bar and configuration UI.

On Windows, users with a 64bit CPU can now download a 64bit version of Tor Browser. Users of the 32bit version won't automatically be updated to the 64bit version yet, so a manual installation needs to be done. Due to bug 24197 the sandbox is not yet enabled in the 64bit version. We plan to fix that in the next release.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 7.5a7 (7.5a6 for Windows) is:

  • All Platforms
    • Update Firefox to 52.5.0esr
    • Update Tor to
    • Update Torbutton to
      • Bug 23997: Add link to Tor Browser manual for de, nl, tr, vi
      • Bug 23949: Fix donation banner display
      • Update locales with translated banner
      • Translations update
    • Update Tor Launcher to
      • Bug 23262: Implement integrated progress bar
      • Bug 23261: implement configuration portion of new Tor Launcher UI
      • Translations update
    • Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 2017.10.30
    • Update NoScript to 5.1.5
      • Bug 23968: NoScript icon jumps to the right after update
    • Update sandboxed-tor-browser to 0.0.15
  • Windows
    • Bug 20636+10026: Create 64bit Tor Browser for Windows
    • Bug 24052: Block file:// redirects early

November 16, 2017


Whoa dude the new Tor Launcher UX is looking great! Good job Linda and Pearl Crescent people for the implementation!

hello everybody
i can not connect to tor browser when i try test tornetwork settings it just saying connecting..
and never does i dont know what the problem is..if somebody here could help me it would be perfect Thanks..

I just updated last night about midnight. After a restart I sat for about twenty minutes waiting as it said "connecting" and showed no activity. I just said to myself OK sleep. When I woke up this morning at 08:00 it was done. It had connected and showed me the standard congratulations window. So start it again and go mow the lawn or keep your wife warm for an hour then check back in. Good luck! Now I just need to to set up the bridges I prefer.


November 17, 2017


win64 on win 10:
Accessibility support is partially disabled due to compatibility issues with new features.…

Yes lots o problems with windows10, lots o built in back doors and crap 11/25/17

win64 on win 10 touchscreen (after first restart):
Multiprocess Windows 0/1 (Disabled by accessibility tools)
ui.osk.debug.keyboardDisplayReason IKPOS: Keyboard presence confirmed.

win64 on win 7 "Test Tor Network Settings" Is not working

Some feedback about the Windows 64 bit build, it seems to be the first Tor Browser using multi process Firefox, previously I have been on the stable builds.

I noticed increase in crashes, the most recent one was on the window to choose the download location after pressing Save file. Then it crashed again on my next try.

On the event logs, one of the crashes is related to ntdll.dll and the rest is to mozglue.dll

I use EMET and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit together. In the past I used to get frequent crashes on Tor Browser when trying to download files and disabling the Caller mitigation had fixed it.

hello everybody
i can not connect to tor browser when i try test tornetwork settings it just saying connecting..
and never does i dont know what the problem is..if somebody here could help me it would be perfect Thanks..

It seems this is a problem with our infrastructure. I can't reach it either.

The server went down yesterday. It should be fixed now.

Be patient. I don't know how long you waited but I just gave up went to bed. Woke up eight hours later and it was done.
Going to do a restart in a few minutes after setting a few preferred bridges. Hope it is faster now. Other wise "EXCELLENT!D" Thanks guys and gals!

add the gzip ability to compress TOR traffic! In general all! Imagine how much traffic you could save.

When will Tor Browser update to the Firefox 57 Quantum baseline?

Tor Browser is based on the ESR branch and will switch to the next ESR branch in July 2018:

Obfs4 has been blocked in china now.

Is there any chance of Tor NOT following Mozilla into the Firefox 57, and later, trajectory of development? I have some big concerns about where Firefox is going in terms of privacy (especially given its being bankrolled by Google) and will not be using it until I'm more confident - but I very much want to be able to continue using (and updating!) Tor. When / if it uses Quantum as its foundation I'll have some difficult decisions to make.

We plan to follow Mozilla by switching to ESR 59 next year. Why does especially Firefox 57 makes such a huge difference to you? What is the privacy issue that makes it a no-go for you to follow Firefox 57 and later while Firefox 56 is still fine?

Your connection is not secure

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Tor Browser has not connected to this website.

Learn more… uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.
The server might not be sending the appropriate intermediate certificates.
An additional root certificate may need to be imported.


How to troubleshoot the error code "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" on secure websites

On websites which are supposed to be secure (the URL begins with "https://"), Firefox must verify that the certificate presented by the website is valid. If the certificate cannot be validated, Firefox will stop the connection to the website and show a "Your connection is not secure" error message instead. This article explains why you might see the error code "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" on websites and how to troubleshoot it.


The exception is only until you close the browser. Unless you disabled private browsing mode, in which case there is a check-box to select if the exception should be permanent.



when you go around ssites you get to see the ip in the tor. they get to see the ip from your tor....


HOW CAN YOU CONCEAL THAT IP? meaning conceal it meaning not show it eeven though it is there.

for exmaple when using certain security blockers you IP will say " " while others will say " proxy " and other will say " (the vpn IP) " get it?

how can you make tor GHOST the ip so it will say " IP UNDEFINED " or " " ?

sometimes the website blocks you even after captcha saying too much automated query even if you do it right? what the ? it has a lot to do with Tor to bypass this captcha? annnoying as heck...

HOW TO BYPASS THE CAPTCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????

any way to to set the identity to non random or if someone want random they can set random identity but if you select non random you will be using the same ip node as before....someone use tor in censor countries and if they use it and log in to account it gives account log suspicious logs causing them to get banned or account deleted. this is just a feature for those people in countries isp blocking certain sites or what....get it?

10:01:59.838 TypeError: realSpellChecker is null 1 InlineSpellCheckerContent.jsm:55:5

Tor Browser 7.5a8 will not run in Windows 10 x64 after the last "Fall update". Message of insuffienct permissions. Security on folder all OK. Tor 7 worked very well before this last Windows update. Any ideas. I have removed all Tor folders, but still get an initial message of "Tor already running", even after reboots. Latest verion of Firefox.

thats basically my problem, i get no permission even with all security clear.

also, i thought this was a separate browser, why would they need to rely on ff so much. before ff quantum i had tor as an addition to ff, now that doesnt seem to be an option.

Ditto: the Google Captcha/gotcha is sleazy. Solve a dozen of their pic labelings and still get kicked out. Better to just block all Google - they are not only manipulating Tor users to get free labor, they also sell off unsuspecting souls to NSA and other hackers.

04:23:14.482 NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE: Cannot call openModalWindow on a hidden window 1 nsPrompter.js:351

Can I download this for on my iPhone?

No. At the moment we provide Tor Browser only for Windows, macOS, and Linux. We plan to support Android platforms later next year, but iPhones are not on our agenda right now. See:… for more information about your options.

senior citizens, small children, and other average people are blocked from the web because of capcha
please add a feature to avoid capcha hasle

i cant use your browser. this is the window i get with new (as in feb 24 2018) firefox quantum when i try to use Tor:

Tor Browser does not have permission to access the profile. Please adjust your file system permissions and try again.

what does this even mean? how do i add tor permission to a firefox account? what wording do i use to allow Tor to use it exactly, i mean what name or....?

What operating system are you using? How did you install Tor Browser?

i simply downloaded it from your site and clicked the exe, like anyone else. windows 10. and on top of the other message i got, as i tried the newest version of it as of March 2 '18, with ff fully closed now, i get the message:

in upper left it says Profile Missing, and msg reads - Your Tor browser profile cannot be loaded. It my be missing or inaccessible.

this makes no sense. everything needed is fully permissible. a cpl years ago when i first used it, i didnt have this problem. in fact i still have it and its usable on my old HDD, which also has win10, but is from the win7-10 update, however that was before ff Quantum which im strongly suspecting is the reason it wont load, it has to be w/ new ff. and i cannot use that old HDD any more as its about to die any time.

as of this post, i tried the most recent updated Tor copy btw.

hello everyone
i can not connect to tor browser when i try test tor-network settings it just saying connecting.