Tor Browser Bundle 1.1.9 Released

by phobos | February 19, 2009

Tor Browser Bundle 1.1.9 is released.

It includes the following changes:

Update Tor to
Update Firefox to 3.0.6
Update Vidalia to 0.1.11

It's available at


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We originally designed the Tor Browser Bundle for people who need to use Tor bridges:
and the development releases have better bridge support than the stable releases.

Eventually we might start shipping both a "stable" TBB and a "development" TBB, like we do for the Vidalia bundles.

That eventually might start when we finish making 0.2.1.x into the next stable. Or it might be later, depending on how much extra time we have for packaging. :)

February 27, 2009


No mac version on the link ...


February 28, 2009

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The Tor Browser bundle is only for Windows right now. We're researching how to build a similar bundle for Mac and Linux. We need to analyze where TBB would leave traces behind that could compromise your anonymity.

March 01, 2009


TBB works well in windows and not leaving any traces on it. it was very nice if u could make TBB for Linux especially Ubuntu coz i cant install tor in ubuntu. it is very difficult 2 install tor in ubuntu 8.0 intrepid, but it works in windows. iam using tbb in windows vista. i hope there will be TBB in linux


March 10, 2009


When i downloaded Vidalia Bundle and installed it it was all running good until i pressed "Start Tor" button. I waited for 2 mins for it to turn on and it was writing only "Connecting to the Tor network". The button in Firefox is working FINE. But my IP isn't anonymous because of Tor. It just doesn't want to start that's all. And my IP's an a static one :) I'm waitin' for an a suggestion how do i fix that problem???