Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.1 Released

by phobos | June 21, 2009

Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.1 is released. The major changes are:

  • changes to Firefox to stop scanning for plugins such as Java, Windows Media, etc. These were disabled by torbutton, but still showed up in Firefox. More work will continue on this task
  • Include OpenSSL dll (ssleay32.dll) so we're not relying upon the system ssl dll. This should fix Vidalia errors relating to ssl differences.

The official changelog is:

  • Better updates to Firefox to stop scanning for plugins on start
  • Update Pidgin to 2.5.6r2
  • Update Firefox to 3.0.11
  • Include OpenSSL 0.9.8k DLL and stop using the system ssl dll
  • Update Tor to


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June 23, 2009



i'd be grateful if you upload .zip (not .rar or .exe) format of files because i can't download .exe and .rar files


September 02, 2011

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There's some concern regarding the size of the bundle; "It's too big for folk inside to DL".

Someone is working on integrating an alternative Jabber client.
Is that a consideration?