Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.7 Released

by phobos | August 6, 2009

Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.7 is released. It is updated primarily due to Firefox 3.0.13 with its ssl fixes.

The full changelist is:

1.2.7: Released 2009-08-04

  • update Firefox to 3.0.13
  • add Polish translation
  • update libevent to 1.4.12


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August 06, 2009


I wrote this in the other post, but I'll just say it here. Are we supposed to allow Firefox to self-update? It has it's own update feature. And in the default settings for the Tor Bundle, it is clicked. I'm unsure of what to do.

The prefs.js file we ship comes with:
user_pref("", false);
user_pref("app.update.enabled", false);

This means that firefox shouldn't be updating itself. I can confirm that the Tor Browser Bundle we ship doesn't have any of the auto-update checked.

August 08, 2009


How is the TorVM going? why does n't anyone post something.
Many people dont even know there is a
please talk sth about it. Dont just say "its not dead." or "it hasn't been born" (dystocia? =/ )


August 10, 2009

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Because the main developer on it has been sidetracked with other things. He is working on an update that should be out later this month.

August 09, 2009


how about a future ability to block/prevent usage of specific Relays.. I've noticed a pattern of bad connection/timeouts using a specific relay (or three)

You can do this now. You just have to edit the torrc file. The option you want is ExcludeNodes or ExcludeExitNodes depending on what you think is overloaded.

August 11, 2009


I just downloaded this new version of Tor bundle. When I try to view the network map I can no longer see the lines on the map. I'm referring to the lines that go from country to country/city to city on the globe map itself. Everything else seems to be working just fine.

Does this mean that Tor is not working properly?

Do you have country flags next to your relays? If not, this is why you don't have lines on the map, because Vidalia doesn't know where the relays are located. If you leave it running for a bit, you should see country flags appear.

August 12, 2009

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No the country flags do not appear, instead I get question marks. And even after I let it run for a while I still have the same issue.

I even reinstalled the browser bundle but still no lines or flags on the map. I tested Tor on several sites and it appears to be working right. Still not sure if this issue affects security in any way.

Just a follow-up to say I'm having the same problem!

No country flags or network lines.

I would like these features to work, as they did on the previous Tor bundle.

The country flags in the Relay list won't populate; just have question marks.

Yes, for me Tor is working, by checking IP addresses on sites, but would love to have those flags and lines back so I can see the network.

I hope a Tor expert can fix this issue. It's such a great program, would be nice to have it working completely.

Thank you.

August 18, 2009

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I have the same problem as this anonymous poster.

And no matter how long I let Tor run, the country flags or network lines do not appear.

This has been a problem with the new Vidalia bundle.

Like this other poster, I have deleted and downloaded the bundle again, but still the same problem.

On the previous Tor bundle I was using, the country flags and network lines always appeared.

I miss these features. Is there anything you/we can do about this?

Thank you.

August 12, 2009


Downloading and installing Tor Browser Bundle for Windows. Trying to start FirefoxPortable directly, i.e. connect to running Privoxy. Works with file version but not Getting: Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition cannot be started. You may wish to reinstall to fix this issue. (ERROR: firefox.exe could not be found).

August 18, 2009


And just one more comment to get everyone's attention:

I also do not have country flags or network lines in my "View the Tor network" window.

And I also had the flags and lines in the previous version/bundle working correctly.

I hope we can solve this problem.

Thanks to the Tor people.

The -dev bundle should address this issue. It's related to how openssl dlls are dependent upon Visual C re-distributable dlls. The openssl in 1.2.7-dev are based on openssl statically compiled with Visual C.

If this doesn't work, respond here. I'd like to know what vidalia is doing when it fails to do a geoip lookup.


August 24, 2009

In reply to phobos


Thank you very much. In the new 1.2.8 bundle, the network map, lines, and country flags have reappeared!

September 21, 2009


I am new to TOR and have decided to donate some of my unused monthly download bandwidth quota to the community by running a relay.
I have AccountingMax enabled. The Tor Bandwidth Usage window shows fluctuating activity, totalling about 2GB each way after several days.
The Vidalia Network Map has country flags, I am in the list of relays in the left side pane, and Zoom to my relay works.
However, there are no lines on the map to/from me, but traffic is happening.
There are usually only 2-3 entries in the Connections pane. My relay was in there when I first started Tor, but it soon disappeared. There are lines on the map joining the relays listed in the Connections pane, and right-click Zoom highlights them.
Is this all normal and correct?
Is there a document somewhere explaining the Network Map and Tor Bandwidth windows?
[vidalia-bundle- (Windows)]