Tor Browser Bundle alpha testing with Tor 0.2.4.x-branch

by phobos | December 4, 2012

Testing versions of Tor Browser Bundle which include the alpha branch of the core Tor technology, version, are available directly from our archive at…

Tor represents a volatile, testing branch of Tor for new and experimental features. A change log is available.

This is a very experimental version, please test and provide feedback at


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December 07, 2012


Where is the vidalia-bundle-
It really sucks when developers silently try to get rid of something!

January 01, 2013


Did you stop developing Vidalia for PowerPCs?
I see no possibility to download this version …

January 05, 2013


Current Stable Tor for OS X breaks blogger comments on pages where the comments are on the same page as the article. Another user has mentioned this in the past. Please fix asap. Thanks.