Tor Browser Bundle Updates

by phobos | June 1, 2010

On May 26, Tor Browser Bundle for Microsoft Windows is updated to include the newer Vidalia 0.2.9. This fixes some issues with character set handling, and adds Vietnamese as a new language.

On May 31, we released Tor Browser Bundle for Linux 1.0.6. It contains the following updates:

  • Add arch to tarball name so there's no collision
  • Add libpng for Arch Linux
  • Add HTTPS Everywhere extension
  • Update Qt to 4.6.2
  • Update Vidalia to 0.2.9
  • Update NoScript to

On June 1st, we released Tor Browser Bundle for Linux 1.0.7. It uses an older glibc for better compatibility with older linux distributions.


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June 02, 2010


Yo dude may i ask some questions,,
1.}my torbrowser cant play any youtube video, but when my tor is disabled it can,can you tell what s the problem of my pc.

2. how to update avira using tor???

that all

Plaz help me with my prblem ^_^

August 03, 2010

In reply to phobos


Hello There

Please i want to know maybe tor is still browsing,please if it is, please i want you to help me with the new set for tor okay

Please i can mail me at

I wait to read back from


Enny Ola

June 05, 2010


Many thanks for Tor Browser Bundles. Very useful. One remark: If only I could get the whole Tor part working without the bundled Firefox, that would be awesome. I need to use the Tor part with my own (updated) Firefox, on which I installed the Tor button. Surely, I can run both browsers at the same time, but that's not too elegant. And if I close the bundled browser window, the whole Tor SW closes. In short: how can I make it so that (a) launching the Tor bundle doesn't launch the bundled browser or, at least, (b) shutting down the bundled browser doesn't shut down Tor as well?

Many thanks again.

You can't do that with TBB, it's designed as a self-contained program. You may want the Vidalia Bundle which is an installable application. Then you can use your own browser.

June 06, 2010

In reply to phobos


Thank you. You may then catalog this as a suggestion for future releases: develop some portable Vidalia bundle (i.e. the TBB w/o the browser), preferably for The reason is that they update FireFox quite often, and you may fail to hold pace with them when releasing TBB. Or it may be that someone might want to use Chrome or other browser...

Our tor browser bundle is based on research and code analysis. We don't ship anything until it is deemed safe to do so. This takes time. The latest version of some software is not automatically the best for your privacy and anonymity. I check every changelog of the software included in TBB to see what it fixes, what known bugs are introduced, and if these may leak your identity in some way. We read the firefox source code to fix torbutton issues and introduce new features. We read the pidgin code to understand what can be leaked over Tor.

For many of the tor browser bundle users, leaks and trails left behind can lead to arrests, ruined investigations, or other serious consequences. We want to provide the tools and education to use them correctly to at least mitigate these leaks.

You are welcome to use whatever you want with Tor, whether installed or not. We will continue to only publish that which is safe for your anonymity and privacy online.

Said another way, because we analyze everything, our releases will generally lag whatever current versions are available. There are other portable bundles available from others that simply pile together lots of software and assume it is all good. Your mileage may vary.

A portable Vidalia Bundle (that is just Tor and vidalia) is a fine idea. Want to help code, analyze leaks, and package it? We're happy to accept patches.

June 07, 2010

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Hi phobos!!!!!!!!

Well your answer to Anonymous has an acid smell and i could ignore it, but why do i have the bad feeling you're shooting also at me!!!?!!!!!!!!!!! at my honey tor bundle?!!!!!, the official Tor Browser Bundle, is sooo very much accurate they forgot to include a whole library!!!!!!!!!! yeah, analyzing everything they didn't noticed it for several months!!! but i noticed it time ago!!! i also waited for them to fix it, before writing my comparison table!!!!!
My tor browser bundle has all stable and updated software!!!! but it's also well tested!!!!! and it has never got ridiculous bugs, so far!!!!! at least i'm able to pile up the software!!!!! lololol!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However FactorBee works only on GNU/Linux, and it cannot be used on Microsoft operating systems!!!! there is no way to start it on Windows!!
It's very true what phobos said about the latest version of software!! it isn't automatically the best choice for one's privacy and anonymity!!!!! Also, you should ensure to have your own version of firefox built and configured properly before using it!!!!!!!
Generally speaking, everything related to anonymity and cryptography, is good when it's old!!!! because it's the proof that a protocol or a cipher (or whatever!!!) has survived a lot of analysis and attacks!!! so it's proved enough safe and solid!!!!!!!! The same idea doesn't apply to all applications!!!! For example, it's better to update the software as long as there are "Arbitrary Remote Code Execution" vulnerabilities to fix!!!!!!! Both the oldest and newest software are still vulnerable to 0days, but there is no way to avoid this!!!!!!!!!
In despite of what phobos thinks about firefox, at this time, using one up to date version of Firefox with Tor is okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You take things too personally; good thing we don't with all of the attacks you give to us. There are plenty of other bundles out there that include Tor. Consider ours a reference design. Feel free to make your own, as you do.

June 07, 2010

In reply to phobos


Oaky, I get it, thanks. That's a good reason, then, to use the bundled browser. Many thanks for your work.

Were you talking about GNU LINUX???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You may want to try out factorbee!!!!!!

Start it in this way to start only vidalia and Tor:
./factorbee -s

Though the version of Firefox in factorbee is much more updated than TorBB's!!!!

This little code example here shows how to add one application to the control of factorbee!!!!! in this way when you are shutting down Vidalia, factorbee will shut down all the others applications registered with it!!!!!!


I don't see any reference in the previous post to Linux, or any operating system for that matter.

Regardless, advertising your (competing?) product on the development blog for the very product that yours owes its existence to, using very poor grammar (including excessive punctuation), and badmouthing developers on their own website do not add up to good netiquette.

Thanks for the defense. I let these through because:
1) I don't want to censor comments unless they are flat out illegal in the USA,

2) Bee is just one of many alternate tor bundle creators,

3) intelligent people can make their own decisions about what they want to do. No one says you have to use Tor's TBB, use whatever you like.

4) I believe it was Voltaire who said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

You don't state what FF capabilities that you want under Tor that are not available in the TBB, so I must make some assumptions. TBB has incorporated FF 3.x for several subversions now. While the specific hack that you requested isn't available here, you can add FF plug-ins and extensions to the TBB (the risk, and it is potentially huge, is yours - I suggest sticking to security enhancements such as Adblock, NoScript, etc.) The FEBE, CLEO and OPIE extensions are you friends in this regard.

June 07, 2010


FWIW: It appears that the "News" section on the front page is no longer being updated to reflect the latest release (as of the end of March, 2010). While I use that as my primary reference, I periodically drill down to the full download page to review what is available. However, I suspect that there are many Tor users (and perhaps the most vulnerable because they are not technophiles) who rely on the front page exclusively for that information. It is a little thing that could be a big thing in some cases...

June 15, 2010


I downloaded tor bundled with firefox and IM, but I cant find pidgin. Pls tell me what to do. I also visit 1 site and it says I am a scammer because my IP always changes, can I have an IP that is from 1 country only? and also how can I make webcam work in Yahoo, I can connect to Yahoo with tor but webcam wont start.

Thanks in advance.

June 17, 2010


is there a program that will make me connect to Yahoo using TOR faster? it's takes too long to connect to Yahoo Messenger with TOR. And also a program that will make me use YM webcam.

June 26, 2010


dud my tor is not connecting with mtn ip in nigeria pls help us
ip is
pls do somthing about it fast. thanks

June 28, 2010


Please help me out fellas, my tor stopped working since 5 days ago. So many other pple have complained about it. I hav the current tor and I'm in Nigeria. Pls help out!!!!!!!!

July 30, 2010


I just wanted to post a feedback about torr..Guys..this is the most f**kin awesome proxy software I have ever seen!! Keep up the good work people!!

August 03, 2010


Hello here

Please i want to know maybe the soft ware tor is still browsing,pleas if is going please i need where i can download it okay

Please i wait to read read back from you or please you should mail me at


Enny Ola

October 30, 2010


I downloaded the bundle on my mac OS , but only Vidalia and Qt are the latest versions but tor stays as it is on its old version ( when i click about ) and the icon stays yellow never goes green , just sits there saying connecting to tor network , I've tried downloading the bundle multiple times and replacing the app each time i did , but still wont work .