Tor has funding for another browser hacker

by mikeperry | August 1, 2012

Your job would be to work on Torbutton and patches to our Firefox-based browser, as well as a potential Android port. This would be a contractor position likely starting in October and going through Q1 2013, with the possibility of later in 2013 and beyond. There may also be a possibility for part-time work prior to October.

The purpose of our browser is to build a private-by-design reference implementation of "Do Not Track", but through the alteration of browser behavior and without the need for regulation or begging.

Your job will include triaging, diagnosing, and fixing bugs; looking for and resolving web privacy issues; responding on short notice to security issues; and working collaboratively with coworkers and volunteers on implementing new features and web behavior changes.

We'd also need help making our code more maintainable, testable, and mergeable by upstream. Sometimes, we need to drop everything and scramble to implement last-minute fixes, or to deploy urgent security updates. You'd also be reviewing other people's code, designs, and academic research papers, and looking for ways to improve upon them.

See the job posting for information on how to apply and what you need to send in with your application.

For an even more detailed overview of the full breadth and depth of the work you'd be doing, have a look at The Design and Implementation of the Tor Browser, especially The Design Requirements section.


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August 03, 2012


Will there be tor for iOS?
Is there anything already?

It would be great to run tor using 3G. Is there anyway to do this with the mobile tor application that is available in cydia?

Is the tor in cydia secure?

It's unlikely Tor will produce official binaries for ios. The Apple Dev terms of service are too restrictive and anti-developer for us to agree to them. It's also unlikely that Apple allows Tor in the App store at all.

August 05, 2012


> and mergeable by upstream.

On that note: the official Tor RPM repository is now two releases behind at 2.2.35 (released June 12th) and there is still no package available for newer distros (RHEL 6, Fedora 16 or 17).

What can be done to improve distribution to node operators running RPM based distro's? How bad is the situation? What needs to happen? What are the project's plans in this area? What do you need from the community?

August 08, 2012


Excuse me your higness, i have some issues with tor browser, vidalia runs perfectly but when i try to browse the connection gets refused.

Actually i'm using Ultrasurf, but i prefer this magnific software "TOR"

Thank you so much, later.

August 09, 2012


I still can't use Tor...i used Ultrasurf to find out some bridges but still the connection gets refused.

Tor was working pretty good tuesday but since yesterday it wouldn't connect anymore, please help me ! 6 for G

Grats !

September 30, 2012


Tor doesn't allow for post connection tracking to can a MAC address be modified to scramble all tracking data , how can cloud based system to avoid local data storage if you are using public machine or gov machine

Forgive my ignorance I'm on the side of hardware