Tor has funding for a project coordinator

by arma | October 1, 2012

A project coordinator is the person who brings order to chaos. You will coordinate and help track deliverables, progress, and metrics of current projects. You will also help plan future projects through proposals.

Your impact will involve:

  • Deriving deliverables, deadlines, and milestones for each active contract.
  • Developing timelines and schedules for completion of milestones and deliverables for each active, and occasionally proposed, contract.
  • Collecting ideas and potential deliverables for the future.
  • Raising concerns, timeline slips, and probability of missed deadlines to management.
  • Helping with managing people's schedules, work load, and keeping various people or teams in communication with one another.
  • Tracking deliverable completion.
  • Developing and maintaining metrics about project completion rate and other measures as based on evidence-based project management or something similar.
  • Helping contractors develop their contract deliverables for six month periods based on expected workload.
  • Maintaining project status pages on trac (or whatever system we have) with deliverables, tickets, and monthly summaries of progress.
  • Helping to write the monthly progress reports required for contracts.

See the job posting for information on how to apply and what you need to send in with your application.


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October 05, 2012


tor not working in iran and in validia tor stuck in 10% even with bridje tor not working and stuck in 50% but tor ccproxy work as well but very slow .plz some one tell me what to do?

for 3week to not working in iran .anad i want to write in my blog but i don't know is it safe to use the obfsproxy ?? in iran we have in very difficult time we need to use some good program like tor that we trust.plz do something for us

October 07, 2012


We all know that Wordpress is crap, but what is its problem with Tor? Is it some stupid spam "plugins" or something. Trying to post to Wordpress with Tor is enough to drive a person nuts. F!"$ Wordpress.