Tor is looking for a Browser Hacker and an Extension Developer!

by mikeperry | November 22, 2013

The Tor Project has two browser-related job openings available!

We are looking for a C++ browser developer to work on our Firefox-based browser, and a Firefox extension developer to work on our growing number of Firefox extensions. Our ideal candidates would be comfortable in both roles, but we are also interested in hearing from people with either skillset.

On the C++ side, your tasks would include implementing new Firefox APIs and browser behavior changes; looking for and resolving web privacy issues; fixing bugs; responding on short notice to security issues; and helping to merge patches upstream.

On the extension development side, your primary tasks will include writing patches and UI improvements for Tor Birdy, Torbutton, HTTPS-Everywhere, Tor Launcher, and an OTR plugin for InstantBird. These improvements will primarily revolve around improving usability, Tor configuration, and security for our users.

Instructions on how to apply to the C++ position can be found on the browser hacker job posting. If you would prefer to focus on extension development, you should apply to the extension developer position.


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November 22, 2013


My suggestion is to approach US National Security Agency for a list of those applicants rejected for jobs or those who were forced to resign as a result of Edward Snowden's recent revelations.

November 23, 2013


Offtopic but when you looking for something, search for reason
why.....WTF...... there is nearly no USB stick with hardware write protection switch on the market(…).
In this case i don't believe at accident.
A lot of expensive rofl lol "high security" USB sticks to buy for but nearly no one with proper write protection. And now "[...]can no longer be used to boot[...]".Quite by chance?Really(-:?
Lot of trojan/espionage software set on USB sticks without hardware write protection.
Maybe a 'new' asocially undiscovered 'behaviour' of cockroaches like the NSA?

November 23, 2013


This is a good development. The more FF can be customized towards towards TOR the better for everyone. At the moment it seems TBB is just using vanilla Firefox builds with a few settings changed and bits added on for Tor. Which is fine, but it would be great to have the browser itself tailored at a lower level towards Tor.

Would you even know if the browser became more tailored at a lower level towards Tor? It would seem not.

The TBB is already very tailored towards Tor, to the point where using anything else is simply unsafe (DNS leaks, proxy leaks, fingerprinting, tracking, disk records).

Don't believe me? See for your self. There are 40 patches against Firefox in…

November 24, 2013


If nothing I do through tor network, the Tor Graph shows 0. Showing 0 making the adversary know you stop visiting the website, they can measure your network traffic, compare with the website traffic and time, they may know who you are. So how to make a random traffic.

Yah the lack of dummy traffic from the client end with Tor is something I've wondered about too. I suppose there was a tradeoff with unnecessary bandwidth. Certainly possible to write a script your end that accesses a few pages over Tor at random intervals, that would be quite easy to do.

The operators of the Tor exit relays need to automatically generate random "dummy traffic" and then they need to prevent an adversary from distinguishing the dummy traffic from the legitimate traffic of the Tor clients.

December 01, 2013


anyone else havin problems with the exit node: ?? . It seems to perform some suspicious activity.

please look into it devs

December 05, 2013

In reply to arma


i got problems with that exit too.. many times website will not load.. other times a weird website will load that is different than the url i put in

December 05, 2013

In reply to arma


there is something really wrong with this exit node: politkovskaja2 and numerous associated exited nodes (like, browser freezes or websites failing to load always when on these exits.

only way for dev to check it would be to try using it as exit node while browsing.. to see the problems

December 03, 2013


Project Gutenberg is blocking all Tor traffic. Someone ought to educate them. Open source sites like this should be setting the right example but they do something bizarre, like blocking Tor people - "Don't use anonymizers, open proxies, VPNs, or TOR to access Project Gutenberg." Hmmm.


I did contact the administrators of Gutenberg and basicly their response is that a lot of the requests are from bots that try to migitate spam detection. The bots are easily identified by their user agent (they seem to not bother to change it mostly).
Due to a lack of server power the decision has been made to block Tor users completely.

Project Gutenberg is well aware of locking out users and they are unhappy about it, but the majority of use via Tor is abusive.

We are free to setup a Hidden Service that for some (probably legal) reasons should be located in the US if it is a full mirror. A full mirror is somewhere around 700 GB in size.