Tor Messenger 0.1.0b6 is released

by sukhbir | April 6, 2016

We are pleased to announce another public beta release of Tor Messenger. This release features important security updates to Instantbird. All users are highly encouraged to upgrade.

Mozilla's ESR cycle

This release of Tor Messenger is the first release based on Mozilla's ESR cycle. As with Tor Browser, all future releases will continue to pair with this cycle.

Secure Updater

We are well aware of the current pain in upgrading Tor Messenger and are actively working towards porting Tor Browser's updater patches (#14388) so that keeping Tor Messenger up to date is as seamless and easy as possible. We continue to apologize for the inconvenience.

Before upgrading, back up your OTR keys

Before upgrading to the new release, you will need to back up your OTR keys or simply generate new ones. Please see the following steps to back them up.


Please note that Tor Messenger is still in beta. The purpose of this release is to help test the application and provide feedback. At-risk users should not depend on it for their privacy and safety.

Linux (32-bit)

Linux (64-bit)


OS X (Mac)


The sha256sums.txt file containing hashes of the bundles is signed with the key 0x6887935AB297B391 (fingerprint: 3A0B 3D84 3708 9613 6B84 5E82 6887 935A B297 B391).


Here is the complete changelog since v0.1.0b5:

Tor Messenger 0.1.0b6 -- April 06, 2016

  • All Platforms
    • Use the THUNDERBIRD_45_0b3_RELEASE tag on mozilla-esr45
    • Use the THUNDERBIRD_45_0b3_RELEASE tag on comm-esr45
    • Bug 18533: Disable sending fonts or colors as part of messages
    • ctypes-otr
      • GH 68: Don't close notification bar until verification succeeds (patch by Elias Rohrer)
      • GH 71: Improve verifying from the fingerprint manager (patch by Vu Quoc Huy)
      • GH 72: Generate keys automatically after account creation (patch by Vu Quoc Huy)


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April 14, 2016


why would i need to install this on my macbook pro if there is nothing i can't use this site for

April 23, 2016


Following the instructions for migrating my key and I've run into a problem:

On the old version for OS X, the filepath Tor[profile].default/
worked, but now Tor and Tor are both folders within the original directory, so I can't follow the original filepath—it doesn't exist any longer, apparently.

Please advise.

April 23, 2016


I posted an earlier comment asking for help & filepaths, but I figured it out. You have to open Tor Messenger first, and connect with your acct (I only tried it with Jabber/XMPP), then close it and you can move your otr.fingerprints and otr.private_key files back in.

May 05, 2016


Just a quick question (and I think it would be worth to include that info with such release announcements, at least during this alpha/beta phase): can it be used along Tor Browser without conflicts?

May 07, 2016


So you release a software to the public and say you can use instant messengers one of them being Facebook, as you guys said in the description for this software and now, its NOT SHOWING the Facebook protocol, it shows everything else but not the Facebook protocol like you said! Nothing like getting my hopes up to talk to all of my FB contacts more securely, Not.

From the blog post on 9 March 2016 announcing the last release:
" Facebook support dropped

"Facebook has long officially deprecated their XMPP gateway, and it doesn't appear to work anymore. We had multiple reports from users about this issue and decided that it was best to remove support for Facebook from Tor Messenger.

"We hear that an implementation of the new mqtt based protocol is in the works, so we hope to restore this functionality in the future."

This sounds like it's more facebook's fault than the Tor Messenger devs.