Tor on the Nokia N900 (Maemo) GSM telephone

by ioerror | February 19, 2010

We're always working on expanding the number of different devices and platforms where Tor runs. Today we've published an installation document that should help users of the Nokia N900 telephone to use the Tor network.

Tor is configured as a client by default. The Tor status applet will also run privoxy and configure the system wide preferences appropriately while Tor is enabled. Transparent proxying is not possible with the default N900 kernels at this time.

Please note that this is an experimental configuration. The web browser on the N900 does not have the protections that Torbutton provides.

For basic circumvention needs this configuration should be usable out of the box. At the moment, we're not seriously investigating Torbutton support for the N900 mobile web browser. If there is significant user demand for a mobile Torbutton this may change.

Many thanks to the fine folks at for their help in the production of the N900 documentation.


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February 19, 2010


great work ioerror. Havn't had a chance to try it yet but will hopefully get to play with it over the weekend.

Have you (or anyone else) looked into trying it in with Firefox mobile?

February 19, 2010


I've got no idea where to post this, I can't seem to find any sort of support forum (HINT! make one, or if you have one, be blatent on linking to it!)

I installed libevent fine and Tor seems to say it finds it, but, Tor craps out at:

./configure && make

checking for u_int8_t... yes
checking for libevent directory... (system)
checking whether we need extra options to link libevent... configure: error: Found linkable libevent in (system), but it does not seem to run, even with -R. Maybe specify another using --with-libevent-dir}

I was using these pages to install a relay:

Anyone have a clue where to go next? I did the usual Googling, but nothing comes up on how to fix this (or what it even means).

Anon ;)


Mandriva 2009.1, KDE 4.2

PS: Get a better CAPTCHA. You can't read the letters.

February 22, 2010


the Browser on the N900 is similar enough to firefox, it even has AdBlock Plus ported. So a maemo version of TorButton shouldnt be that difficult to port.

February 28, 2010


Nice to hear, but relatively few people own that device. Why not make a version for the iPhone instead?

April 23, 2011


1) Why "transparent proxying is not possible with the default N900 kernels at this time"? Problems with supporting of "iptables"?
2) Is it possible to install an alternative kernel fo enabling its possibolity?
3) "iceweasel" or FF isn't workable under maemo? (for its using with TB?)

May 11, 2011


Why not make a tor client with a bundled browser that is supported and java enabled phones?

August 06, 2011


whats the local proxy and port for the n900? I have a program that i want to configure it to use TOR,
is it still for the n900 aswell?

September 16, 2011


I live in Iran, I have Nokia N900
Recently I got this warning:
DEBUG Sep14 12:49:14732 [warn]Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 85%Finishing handshake with first hop. (DONE: DONE; count 126; recommendation wart)

After that I can't connect via TOR.

What should I do now?