Self-hosting the Tor Project users forum

by lavamind | June 8, 2023

A year and a half ago, we launched the Tor Project users forum, a new discussion platform based on Discourse, allowing us to continue to grow the Tor community and experiment new ways to gather feedback and provide support.

Today, we're happy to announce the forum will soon migrate from the free cloud hosting graciously provided by the team behind Discourse to the Tor Project's own server infrastructure.

This will offer us more control over the forum's configuration and allow us to provide an experimental onion service for our users accessing the platform via the Tor network.

The migration will happen on June 20th, 12 days from now.

Once migrated, the forum will have a new address: The old address will automatically redirect visitors to the new one.

Important note for two-factor authentication

If you're using a U2F key for two-factor authentication (2FA) on the forum, you’ll have to use a backup code in order to login after the migration. Alternatively, you can disable two-factor authentication on your account before the migration and re-enable it afterward. Please make sure you have either saved a copy of your backup codes or disabled 2FA before 2023-06-20, or you will be locked out of your forum account!

Issues with the forum following the migration may be reported through the usual support channels.


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