The Tor Project is in Google Summer of Code 2008!

by nickm | March 18, 2008

Once again, with sponsorship from the amazing folks at the EFF, the Tor Project has been accepted as a mentoring organization in Google's Summer of Code. This program funds students to work on open source and free software projects over the summer, and provides organizations like ours with a chance to work with great and enthusiastic coders from around the world.

Many thanks first to Google for the opportunity, and to EFF for their continuing help and support. We'd also like to thanks everyone in the Tor community who agreed to help mentor students with us this summer, especially those who contributed to our project ideas list.

If you're a student interested in working with the Tor Project under the Google Summer of Code program this year, please check out Google's FAQ for the program, and the Tor Project's GSoC 2008 page for more information. If you have any questions that aren't answered there, just stop by our IRC channel and ask. We look forward to seeing you there!

Also, be sure to check out the other great organizations who will be mentoring students this year.


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March 19, 2008


Fantastic news!

Congratulations and please keep plugging along.

May i suggest "Fedora/Redhat Packaging for Tor+Vidalia "

There are still a couple of us Fedora users out there :-)

-A happy Tor User


... yes a fedora core tor browser bundle would be great... i installed the tor and privoxy from the fedora repositories and the vidalia rpm from the vidalia site and it didn't work at all... vidalia crashes, and privoxy locks and will not start... I am using fedora core 8

... can someone design a fedora core tor browser bundle RPM PLEASE!


> May i suggest "Fedora/Redhat Packaging for Tor+Vidalia"

You can suggest anything! ;) Seriously, the ideas page is just a list of suggested ideas to get students started. If any eligible student wants to apply with a Tor-related project that isn't in on our list, they should absolutely feel free to do so.

(They'd need to explain in their application what they want to do to improve our existing packaging on Fedora/Redhat, of course, and why it would take a summer to do it, of course.)

March 27, 2008


How to install Tor on Debian platform? There is maybe available a Debian package with this software?

January 31, 2010

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March 30, 2008


Follow the independence fundamental, My tor usage is allways tor+vidalia+privoxy( I hate the torbutton, etc.). And as I see, the tor is NOT stable, possibly the vidalia 0.0.16 is NOT stable too. These problem puzzle me for a long time. Now, I use the for impetrating the stable.

April 02, 2008


the url ”“ show the tor release notes, and I find the "...problems with hidden service introduction that were causing huge delays ..." is resolved in the ver0.1.2.19.
aha, was this problem resolved? My conclusion is NOT. Such problem is found in the version0.1.2.19.
Why the vidalia used to be dead as mutton? Is that the tor's liability?

April 02, 2008


Google search engine, with the Torbutton active in Firefox will allow a couple of searches, but after that, it comes back with a request that the user copy/input a code (from a graphic display) to show one is human, which is a good idea; however, even if one inputs the code correctly, it often won't allow further searches... and one has to turn the torbutton off to get Google to respond.

This is not a good idea, since in censored countries, Google searches are monitored for key words... etc.

This is problem with Google, not Tor. Google's automated bot detection will sometimes tag Tor exit nodes as bots. I've had to submit over 20 captchas in a row at times. These are the times I use scroogle or metafilter instead.

April 07, 2008



Thanks for your response.

"May i suggest "Fedora/Redhat Packaging for Tor+Vidalia ""

I guess I mis-spoke.

What i was meaning to say, was a request to you, the maintainers of Tor, to submit a Vidalia package for inclusion in the fedora Repository so Fedora users would not have to download Vidalia from the developers site and that Fedora users would also reap the other benefits of having Vidalia in the repo, just like we do with having Tor is in the repo.

But as i write this, i realize my request may be targeted to the wrong people and that you/Tor are not the developers of Vidalia, and this request should go to them.

... but you do include Vidalia in your bundles download, so how deep your relationship is with Vidalia is is a bit confusing.

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work.

-A happy Tor User

PS: i'm using
which seams to work pretty good, as i was having some problems with torbutton ( can't remember what they were right now )

Generally, our experience with linux distribution repositories are that they can't keep up with the Tor release schedule. They're prefer we keep major versions around for a year or more, and just submit patches.

As for a Tor Project produced vidalia-bundle rpm, we can investigate doing just that. It'll take some rpm spec file work to get it together. I'll put it on a todo list.

December 23, 2009


As for a Tor Project produced vidalia-bundle rpm, we can investigate doing just that. It'll take some rpm spec file work to get it together. I'll put it on a todo list.yarisma oyun forex mp3 dinle

February 06, 2010


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October 31, 2010


As for a Tor Project produced vidalia-bundle rpm, we can investigate doing just that. It'll take some rpm spec file work to get it together. I'll put it on a todo list.