Tor Summer 2014 Dev Meeting Hosted by Mozilla

by kelley | April 29, 2014

We are excited to announce our Summer 2014 Dev meeting will be held in Paris, France June 29 - July 4.

Thank you to Mozilla for hosting us at their Paris offices and for their continued support of Tor!

Further details regarding public events will be announced very soon - stay tuned!


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April 29, 2014


I think it's time to change the blog's background, and the main website ('s design to a simpler one.

As for the blog, this thing is on its last legs -- we're going to need to migrate it to something other than an old drupal install at some point. We're really missing people who want to make it happen and keep it going.

As for the website... yes, I agree, but same issues there. But you're in luck! Check out Lunar's blog post on exactly this topic:

April 30, 2014

In reply to arma


Thank you very much for putting up with the blog spam as long as you have and for the many good replies to both interesting user comments/questions (including mine) and those that needed to be swatted away.

I hope the SQRL* system (no per-site user password needed, no vulnerable federated server) that is being rapidly and carefully developed will give the Tor Project a better solution, allowing pseudonymous posting by "the community".

In case of a possible incompatibility of SQRL with Tor please consider some communication between the projects so it can be ironed out by the SQRL side?



Ps: original docs made SQRL seem dependent on smartphone use, but not phone is needed

Yes, probably. The schedule is still in the works, but we're likely to have another 'open hackfest' day, probably towards the end of the week, where we encourage everybody who wants to show up and help us save the world.

May 07, 2014


hi. love Tor, but why do you/we have anything to do with Google?
they data mine, track website visits [google-leapis, etc], and work with the NSA.
why do you use their search engine? why do you accept funding from them?

If we isolated ourselves from every organization that did bad things, we'd quickly find ourselves quite lonely indeed.

Every organization in this sort of fight picks a point on the spectrum -- e.g. the Free Software Foundation is typically more extreme than the Open Source folks.

In many situations people think of us as the most extreme group in the room, with our demand for decentralization, and our emphasis on transparency, open design, free (libre) software with no patents, clear explanations about everything, etc.

So, why do we accept money from Google? Because some of the people in their open source group want to help us succeed at our goals. Two other URLs you might enjoy reading:…

May 14, 2014


Please give lodging reccommendations since this is the tourism high season in France (and especially Paris) when things get full and expensive very fast.

Of equal interest would be to know where most developers are staying, in order to facilitate evening outings or just have breakfast together, for example.

Lastly, what typically happens on the first day (29 June) and when will this get started. In order to book the right flight or train it's important to know if full topic meetings will start first thing in the morning or if the first day typically involves registration (or other bureaocracy) or gets started later in the day as developers arrive.

Sorry for so many questions, hope you have answers though.

Lodging recommendations are difficult. We're trying a new approach this time where people pair up and find hotels on their own. I think the reason is that no single hotel had enough space for everyone, or at least not at a reasonable price. Distributing to many hotels may be cheaper overall (or not? we'll find out). I suggest using one of those hotel booking sites and finding a hotel that is both close to the meeting and not crazy expensive. If you have a spare bed in that room, consider adding a note to the wiki page to find another Tor person to pick it.

That also means there's no public list where developers are staying. But even if you're staying in a different hotel, you'll be able to spend the evenings in other people's hotel lobby. Or maybe we'll be staying at Mozilla's place for the evenings, who knows.

The first day is June 30, and the meeting typically starts in the morning. June 29 is when people arrive, so don't expect many people to be around, except for hotel lobbys. If you want, hang out on #tor-dev on that day and ask if people have already arrived.

Looking forward to meeting you in Paris, Anonymous!


May 15, 2014

In reply to karsten


Thanks for the details Karsten.

I should also clarify that the Monday-Tuesday portion of the dev meeting will be the people actively working on our funded projects. So if random people show up, the right time to fit them in will be the hackfest days on Thursday-Friday.

May 14, 2014


i've configure tor for ubuntu,

as youtube blocked in Pakistan, so i was using it for blocking sites
Recently it doesnot work... as it opens the page but donot play videos on player.

kindly resolve my issue.