The Tor talk at 31c3

by nickm | December 31, 2014

And on a more cheerful note, I heard that Jake and Roger gave a really excellent talk about Tor at this year's CCC. And the CCC people have thoughtfully put it online! If you didn't see it, you might want to check it out. The talking begins at around 15:16, and the introduction is well worth watching too.

I'm also going to spend a while looking at the other presentations too. Right now the one at the top of the page is an ECC talk by Daniel Bernstein and Tanja Lange; I'm looking forward to having a little time to watch it, and a bunch of others I see there.

Happy new year, everyone!

update (1/1/15): "State of the Onion" is available for download now. You can find torrent and direct links in various formats on C3TV website.

Video: MP4 HD (torrent) - WEBM (torrent) - MP4 (torrent)
Audio: MP3 (torrent) - OPUS (torrent)


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December 31, 2014


any chance of having the subtitles/caption on these videos ? a large number of people on the internet are deaf or hard of hearing.

I noticed that in the main hall screen in the presentation they had an on-stage "speech to text" reporter.

please consider the following in the future

1) ask for a copy of the "speech to text" script file so that people can mash up an subtitle/caption to any future videos/presentation. This will help to reach out wider audiences.

and or

2) an video version of just of the main hall screen where the on-stage subtitle/caption and presentation (the subtitle/captions already done).

keep up the good work

The linked version in the post is a temporary rough cut (essentially the live stream dumped to a series of files). They did have a subtitle team this year so a .srt should be available sometime after the final cut of the video is released.

Here's a link to the final versions so far: and here's a link to the c3subtitles twitter:

"an video version"

WTH is this with people incorrectly using "an" in place of "a"?!

Doesn't the awkward sound alone in cases such as this ("an video") make it blatantly obvious that this is incorrect?

I just submitted a reply in which I rather bluntly confronted the incorrect use of "an" in place of "a" ("an video") in the post above.

I wish to make it clear that I did not mean to single-out this or any other specific poster for special opprobrium. Rather, I was merely venting my annoyance at how widespread and common this error has apparently become. If only I had a dime for every time I've seen it...(along with any number of other egregious grammatical and spelling errors)

December 31, 2014


State of the Onion
Use a Desktop-Player!

Browsers and Video doesn't go together well, even in 2014 and especially when it's live. So for your best viewing-experience please use a Desktop-Player like VLC or mplayer: HLS-Playlist

Slightly rhetorical; so it is recommended to use a desktop player like VLC. Is there a recommendation available how to configure this over a Tor connection ?
We still like privacy don't we? Especially in the case of some 'higly suspicious' technical interests and some events.

Just wondering (ccc question), so, where are the tiny video ogg versions of the presentations, no computers available to render this stuff to an acceptable format?

VLC works great with Tor! The configuration options in the GUI are a little hard to find (because VLC has significantly over 9000 features) but it's there. The only issue is that you need to specify a socks username and password. (Tor will accept any name/password and uses it for stream isolation, so, two apps using the same username and password will share a set of Tor circuits.)

January 01, 2015


Hi arma
Any chance that you comment on the last release of Snowden papers where there is a document from the CGHQ about deanonymising Tor users by traffic analisys? On that paper there is a very interesting paragraph IMO that says;
"the TOR client must not be running a TOR router of their own, otherwise we can not separate the clients traffic from other TOR traffic"
Maybe this could be the much wanted solution for traffic analysis attacks against TOR users, which is that every client work as a TOR relay by default. Also I believe it would be great if setting up a relay could be more easy for not so experienced users.

January 02, 2015



I passed couple of times from Noisysquare and there was no Tor stand or Tor people around.. sadly there was no Tor donations stand anywhere at 31c3.

January 02, 2015


To: Tor developers who attended the 31c3

Have you noticed there were NSA agents working undercover to influence the direction that Tor is planning to take?

January 03, 2015


I am a newbie to Tor and offer my congratulations for your commitment to making such an excellent concept a reality. I notice that you strongly advise not opening downloaded files, such as Word documents and PDFs, while online. I completely understand why. However, the solution you recommend, for those who are not very tech-savvy, is quite complex and quite time-consuming, if document-reading is only a small part of your computing activities. Therefore, perhaps a proportion of Tor users will not or cannot follow those recommendations. By dropping their guard on just such occasions may make them vulnerable.

Forgive me if this has already been considered and discarded but might it be possible, for some of your smarter supporters, to develop an If-This-Then-That ( 'recipe' that automatically monitors when a user opens such a document and just before opening it, disables the user's internet connection? As soon as the document is closed, the script then re-activates the connection. Making this recipe an option within your TOR bundle would make document-reading and editing a far simpler - and much safer - activity.

Keep it up!

Welcome to the community! :)
On your idea, is it good if IFTTT will know and track every time an user wants to save a document or any other file?
Also, what if a virus (or something) tests your network connectivity, and WAITS till you connect to internet again and then makes a call about you?