TorBirdy: our first beta release!

by ioerror | February 11, 2013

Today we are happy to release our first beta of TorBirdy. It has been in development since April of last year and was released internally on the tor-talk mailing list. We think we've had just over five thousand users testing it in the last year. We have polished it and we've made great progress.

What is TorBirdy?

TorBirdy is a Torbutton like extension for Thunderbird, Icedove and related Mozilla mail clients. It may also work with other non-web browser Mozilla programs such as Sunbird. We've also added support for JonDo, Whonix, Tails; if that means something to you, let us know how it works!

We offer two ways to install TorBirdy - either by visiting our website (sig) or by visiting the Mozilla AddOn page for TorBirdy (xpi available here).

As a general Anonymity and security note: We're still working on two known anonymity issues with Mozilla. When our improvements to Thunderbird are accepted, it will be anonymity ready out of the box and we'll do a proper full release.

We'd love help with translations, programming or anything that you think will improve TorBirdy!

Thanks to all of our TorBirdy users and contributors - Sukhbir and I would especially like to tagnaq and Karsten N!


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February 13, 2013



I am unable to leave a comment on "blogger" blogs. The comment window is offered and you can submit the comment but the comment doesn't appear and the comment window simply just reloads. I noticed in another post on this blog someone mentioning this issue in August. Is there any fix for this?

Thanks so much.

They are moderating these comments to prevent spamming, trolling and flaming.
Only once they reviewed the comments to be appropriate, and approved them, then only the comments will appear.

If that was the case I wouldn't have made this post . Of course they are not moderating the comments. If they were, it would not be possible to post comments through others means like with a regular browser or other proxy. Tor is the only one that fails.

February 17, 2013


Hi im joe and new to using apps i have read all the tips and everything else im not computer savy but i realy like all the stuff people are saying about tor but i cannot get it to work i have a samsung mini and no job i would donate or pay to get it working if somebody can help i will donate pnext week i realy like the idea of having privicy on the fone please help iv been trying since about 11 last night so im feeling prety dumb about now.

February 20, 2013

showing "There is a security update available for the Tor Browser Bundle." these 2 days on Windows 7 and Linux but I am sure that I have the latest Stable and I have seen once the green message and then again yellow

February 20, 2013


Hello there, Tor crew. I know this is a bit off topic..But I can't find a good answer to this privacy related question anywhere. I am looking for an alternative to Skype that is privacy oriented (encrypted calls/anonymity) and that's preferable open source or very trust worthy. Does a good skype alternative even exist? I know Jacob Appelbaum recommends Jitsi, but that is not exactly user friendly software and their FAQ sucks, it's very difficult to be able to tell what exactly is going on and what Jitsi is doing, or how it works.. Any non computer savvy person can't understand their FAQ on encryption for sure... and then with Jitsi you have to login with a Google or yahoo account? how is that anonymous. So what are the alternatives for talking to other people online in a private manner?

May 27, 2013


A few days ago I find that thunderbird send some computer information that I don't want like hostname, hostdomain, ... How may I disable this behavior? I am not going on the street screaming my name or passport number but I feel that some of my programs do that!