TorBrowser 1.0.1!

by phobos | April 12, 2008

Tor Browser Bundle 1.0.0 (released Mar 20) and 1.0.1 (released Mar 26) makes it work correctly with Polipo again, updates the versions of many of its components, and makes it easier to build the Bundle with custom included "jar" (plug-in) files as well as "xpi" (extension) files.

We moved the Tor Browser Bundle website into the main Tor website, so it can re-use our translation infrastructure. Currently its frontpage is available in English, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian.


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April 23, 2008


I'm glad to hear about bundle with polipo inside. Could you point to person who did it work togather? I have some questions of howto kind. In general - how to enable image caching on particular site.

As well, I have question about how the bundle works. How should I manage cookies if I need one to be persistant? - set firefox to clean on each start and protect it by CookieCuller plugin - that's what I'm using now.

Thanks for you work on the bundle

Anonymity certainly has its place on the internet with regards to privacy (Freedom and Democracy) and in some cases even protection. I think keeping this project going is a good thing, not sure why the US Navy would drop it. If you are an IT Consultant make sure you mention this to keep it around also lend to the effort ie. "Give back!". Excellent work everyone!