Torbutton 1.4.1 Released

by mikeperry | August 29, 2011

Torbutton 1.4.1 has been released at:

This release features a "New Identity" menu option that clears browser state, closes tabs, and obtains a fresh Tor circuit for future requests. It also features a fix for breakage with Hotmail, and further isolates browser state and identifiers to the url bar domain (see…).

However, the New Identity button and the Hotmail fix are only available to Tor Browser Bundle users. If you are still using Torbutton with a vanilla Mozilla Firefox, we strongly recommend you download the Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.x alphas from and report problems you experience, as we will be declaring them stable within the next release or two.

Stay tuned for a new Tor Browser release that contains Torbutton 1.4.1 tomorrow.

Here is the complete changelog:
* bug 523: Implement New Identity (for TBB only)
* bug 3580: Fix hotmail/live breakage (for TBB only)
* bug 3748: Disable 3rd party HTTP auth
* bug 3665: Fix several corner cases SafeCache isolation
* bug 3739: Fix https->http CORS failure for SafeCache
* bug 3414: Isolate based on referrer policy
* bug 3809: Disable referer spoofing (fixes navigation issues)
* bug 3819: Fix API issue with cookie protections
* bug 3820: Fix warning w/ session store filter


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August 29, 2011


Can we get rid of Vidalia for the Browser Bundle? Do Browser Bundle get into tweaking all the fiddly bits, or is it just a heavy way to launch tor?

Some TBB users need to set a proxy or a bridge in order to use Tor. So we can't do away with a GUI interface entirely.

If somebody wanted to make a lighter-weight Vidalia, or work on a way to make Vidalia lighter-weight, that'd be great. Keep in mind that it would be best for the interface to work on all platforms (as Vidalia does via Qt).

August 30, 2011


Please, will there ever be released Google Chrome (Chromium) Tor Browser?
It would be great, many people like this browser.

in case you aren't trolling:

there's no way chrome could provide real anonymity.
if you want to visit .onion sites over chrome use tor2web.

great idea but it will open the range for spying on people
you know how much google company spend the money about spying activities & with this integration (with tor browser) they will control the world by proxies & spying with exellent service interface

August 31, 2011


A newer better version is good.
But whats with users running older windows versions?
#Expert Bundle
#...., ME, and Windows 98SE ?
Probably surfing with older outdated operating system/browser.
How can they use tor safe(er)?

September 04, 2011


1.41 breaks Firefox on Windows. Both installed 3.62 and portable. No response can't even get into addons to remove it.

September 10, 2011


Why does the "New Identity" feature of torbutton only work in TBB? Can it be implemented without needing TBB?

October 01, 2011


Is it possible to make the "new identity" feature more random? ie not keep bringing up the same few identities.

October 02, 2011


Im not a very experienced user, but this question: ive FF7, and Tor. Ive downloaded a new Torbutton after installing FF7 (and JondoFox profile (switcher)).
The torbutton icon is green ('tor enabled') or it has a red cross ('disabled'). In both cases my ip is the same (being an 'tor'-ip), theres no difference to find. Am i doing something wrong? Or what do i need that torbutton for then..? (Tor is running and im connected)?

January 08, 2012


I downloaded the Tor bundle, and everything is there, included the icon in the doc for Firefox, however firefox can't connect to the internet for some reason? Any ideas how to get that connection? Was there something else I was suppose to do?

I found this article here that tells me I have to fill in the ports and host information, and it tells me what to put in those fields. Is this information accurate?…

Is it also true based on this article I could use safari with Tor, and still have the true benefit of the service??

Any help would be much appreciated!! Alot of this stuff is just simply over my head. The more I read too, sometimes the more confused I am getting.

I am also trying to partition my Apple hard drive so that I can get off of os-x and browse and use Linux Ubuntu as my OS. Having a hard time accomphlishing that as well!!! These days, it is computer science I wish I would have gone into years ago!!... :)

June 08, 2012


About June 1 using Tor bundle 32 at wireless connection a McDonalds a Tor button message came up..could not find the Tor Button then trying to connect to a site
got a message "Proxy Server refusing connection..."