Updates on Tor for OS X Users

by phobos | December 5, 2008

As detailed here, http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Dec-2008/msg00044.html, there are some packaging fixes for OS X users in this stable release.

For OS X users, there is a packaging bugfix in labelled as in the available packages. It turns out for years we've been
shipping a Info.plist with an incorrect key. The issue was discovered
and reported as bug 876,

The commit to fix the problem in the 0_2_0 branch is r17472:

The commit to fix the problem in the Vidalia 0.1 branch is r3361:

The bug is that the OS X Installer will prompt "The chosen volume
contains software which is newer then [sic] the software you are

The problem is that the Installer looks in the file
/Library/Receipts/Vidalia.pkg/Contents/Info.plist for
CFBundleShortVersionString. We mistakenly called it
CFBundleSortVersionString, which Apple inserts "1" as the value. The
upgrade to Vidalia from 0.1.9 to 0.1.10 apparently triggered the issue.

The fix is to put the correct value in place for the future. The
simplest way to do this is to have the users click "Continue" when
prompted. We could have spent a lot of time trying to fix it for the
user to hide the issue, but well, that is fraught with problems and
complexities. A simple click of "Continue" is far simpler and less
error prone.

The difference between the released Tor code is the inclusion
of r17472. It's not really per se, but since we lack package
versions, I had to distinguish it in some way.


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