UW Hackfest Thanks!

by phobos | February 27, 2012

Thanks to the 30+ people that showed up across our hackfests on Wednesday and Thursday. We talked about obfsproxy, torouter, civil liberties and tor, and Andrew spent four-plus hours explaining tor, hidden services, and online privacy risks to a bunch of tor-curious people. It's clear the ice cream sundae/gourmet popcorn bar was a huge success, with people literally squealing their love for Tor (I'm sure it was tor and not the ice cream ;). Thanks to PrivateOnion for writing a song. @INTLRevolver started a twibbon campaign and shared some womens' privacy issues with us and how Tor can help.

And a final thank you to Mel and Kar at the U of Washington for their support, logistics, and general awesomeness overall.


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