Vidalia 0.2.10 Released

The latest version of the graphical controller for tor, Vidalia, is now available. The main change is the use of Tor's native geoip database to map relay IP addresses to country. This removes the remote geoip resolution that occurred over Tor in previous versions of Vidalia.

Vidalia can be found at

The full changelog is:

  • Drop remote GeoIP lookups. Instead, the default behavior now is to use the country-level GeoIP database that ships with Tor to map an IP address to a country code, and then map the country code to latitude and longitude with a separate database built into Vidalia.
  • Add a -DUSE_GEOIP build option to enable building with MaxMind's GeoIP C library for using a local city-level or country-level database instead of Tor's database. See README.geoip for details on use.
  • Only update a stream's displayed target address in the network map if no hostname was given in the stream's NEW status event. Fix suggested by Robert Hogan. (Ticket #608)
  • Update the menubar icon at the same time as the dock icon on OS X. Previously, we had a blank icon in the menubar. (Ticket #610)
  • Updated several translations.

September 28, 2010


Mmm.... vidalia 0.2.10

I was running it here, but it was showing very few servers in the network map.
I was using the September release of the GeoIP database.

I wonder if anyone else sees the same result ?

Then something is wrong with your tor, not vidalia. Does your successfully connect to the rest of the network? You should see around 2000 servers on the left windows in Vidalia.

Im on windows.Tor says its parsing the GeoIP db, but as I mentioned, the servers appear on the left hand side - but most of them that are in the USA don't appear in the map.

In the map view there only appears to be a couple servers in the USA. Europe shows quite a few servers and there are other dotted about. Strange,..

I think i have worked out what is happening with vidalia 0.2.10 and the map view.
The servers in the left hand pane are only showing the country that the server is in.

Previously, with Vidalia 0.2.9, the CITY was detected.

So, is it possible to integrate the CITY db into Tor, to get city detection back in place ?


September 30, 2010


Hi! I have a non related to the article question, if you don't mind (if you do, please tell me, who can I ask - without using forums, where you have to log in and don't bother reading). I'm using Ubuntu10.04 with tor (vidalia, torbutton). I've installed torsocks and I'm trying to make it work with claws mail client. I read that all you have to do, is to type in console "usewithtor claws-mail" and it should work, without by passing connection by claws. Then I got this error: "The symbol res_send() was not found in any shared library.". So what I found about that error, is that it's just a warrning and there should be nothing to worry about. If I tried this, is there any chance to find out, if TOR is acctualy working on Claws? BTW if you use the commend "usewithtor" with telnet, do you have to type it every second commend, or once started, TOR will always be on with the programm? Take care!

is it a good idea to use Tor with an email client ?
Unless your email traffic (all of it) is encrypted, you will be sharing your email credentials with the exit node - which could be monitored.

Not a good idea ?

Thank you, for your replay. The monitoring thing is not the issue here. I just can't reveal my location. So would it work? ...and how? While I"m a newbie to both tor and linux, I'm maintaining my question about telnet and "usewithtor" command.


September 30, 2010


2.10 doesn't work properly for me. It doesn't remember relays between sessions, and takes forever to reload them, adding about one per second (with the Vidalia progress bar paused with a message "Authenticating against Tor"). Once the relays are eventually loaded, it works as expected. I am running Ubuntu 10.04.

Just saw phobos' comment: "That's odd. If you're on linux, did you install tor-geoipdb?" Maybe that has something to do with it.

Where is tor-geopipd?


October 01, 2010


Ok, but why i can't just refresh relays list without refreshing my connection? It's annoying.


October 01, 2010


Hitting "refresh" at the tor map all displayed relays are purged and take minutes to rebuild one by one. Pre 0.2.10 the list was refresh instantly. Is this normal?


October 01, 2010


How can i make Vidalia show me also cities of relays instead only countries? Can i add some configuration file to make it?

I have tried to download MaxMinds City DB in CSV format and then change the format for Tor. I then replaced the geoip file (on windows).

I then restarted Tor, whereupon it hung on startup, I guess it was unable to parse the file.

So, the problem remains.... in Vidalia 0.2.10 we have no god dammed way of getting Tor nodes rendered to Cities, rather than country.

How god dammed annoying that by 'upgrading' Vidalia we have DOWNGRADED functionality.

I hope the Vidalia team sort this god dammed problem out and post the bloody solution somewhere.

Unclear on why you need city-level resolution. Nothing in tor cares about cities, only countries.

You can't just add the citylevel db, you need to recompile vidalia with a special switch to do so. read the release notes,

"Add a -DUSE_GEOIP build option to enable building with MaxMind's GeoIP C library for using a local city-level or country-level database instead of Tor's database. See README.geoip for details on use."

Some people prefer to close all circuits Tor creates with two or three nodes in a same city. I would prefer if Tor created circuits with nodes each in a different country (with possible exception of when linking your circuit to a hidden service circuit) but with increasing international cooperation even that may soon offer little protection.

Assuming that only few users have the software, time and knowledge to compile the Tor Windows executable I suggest providing Tor executables for Windows that look at start up into the "DataDirectory" or "GeoIPFile" directory for the MaxMind GeoLite City database and use it if present.


October 01, 2010


From where can i download the lastest version of Vidalia with Privoxy?

Tor+PoliSomething is not working for me too many bugs. I can't download files larger than 30MB and most of the time i have the timer error and tor won't connect.

Do you have link for old releases?

Thank you for helping.


October 02, 2010


Vidalia 0.2.10 requires Windows XP and up, but I still use W2K. Why did you stop supporting W2K? Don't you know that Windows XP is one of the most horrible spyware ever created?

Yes, I tried. It refuses to run, asking for ws2_32.dll and also complaining with the following error:

``The procedure entry point RtlIpv4StringToAdressW could not be located in the dynamic library ntdll.dll.``

Don't know what this means.

Can you fix this?

This cannot be 'fixed' in Windows 2000.

Basically Tor is using XP specific networking calls in the operating system, which are not available in Win2K, hence the report that the method, RtlIpv4StringToAdressW, cannot be found in ntdll.dll (kernel).

ws2_32.dll is missing entirely from Windows 2000. This is an XP DLL that gives access to the registry.

For these reasons Tor is not going to run on Windows 2000.

The only way to make run is to download the code and rewrite the sections that use this XP functionality - thats not gonna be much fun.


Oh well, it's good that I saved version - at least it runs on Windows 2000.

I have no intention on "upgrading" to Spyware XP.


ws2_32.dll contains the Windows Socket 2.0 32-Bit DLL.

If its missing in Windows 2000, then its again an XP only feature.

It is a shame it wont run on Windows 2000, I liked that OS a lot.

Vidalia doesn't work in Win2k because of a winsock dll bug in Win2K.

The explanation for it here:

If you don't want to recompile Vidalia yourself, this site offers a replacement
dll (with source) that appears to work:


October 04, 2010


Can you let me know whose public key I need to verify signature? And whether it makes a difference to get his key from a different server? I think it was Matt's. Either way, I downloaded his public key, and when I ran the verify command, the error message said I didn't have the public key. I was able to properly verify the latest vidalia bundle, so I'm not sure why I couldn't verify this Vidalia msi file.



October 04, 2010


I am wondering why the signature on this installer couldn't be verified. I used Matt's.


October 05, 2010


Now the real question is how can one trust this tool when it's written so amateurishly with so many bugs and other problems.


October 08, 2010


Bit of a shame that we don't get to see accurate locations anymore-- it looks funny to see all US relays mapped to somewhere in Kansas. But I guess I can live with it.

It's more annoying that Vidalia now uses 100% CPU for half a minute or so while it processes the list of relays. Not just at startup, either-- it does this every hour or half hour or so! Something in the implementation is very badly inefficient. (I assume it's a side effect of the geoip changes, perhaps?)

I find this annoying too.

I really liked the city level resolution. It just gave a more comprehensive view of the network and revealed how much usage there in each country.

Im hoping this comes back in future versions of Vidalia ???

It didn't go away. You just need to compile Vidalia yourself, following the directions in README.geoip (or find someone to do this for you). That enables vidalia to use a city-level database that you have to download yourself (it's ~30MB, which I assume is the reason that it's not included in the official vidalia build).

[replying to myself]

I tracked down the CPU usage problem-- it's due to line 324 here:…

The call to QCoreApplication::processEvents() results in the router list being updated about 2000 times (once for each router) while the list is being refreshed. This takes about 25 seconds on my machine at 100% CPU. When I delete line 324, the update only takes 2 seconds. Although this freezes the GUI during the update, that's much preferable to having the GUI do tons of unnecessary work. (The list gets refreshed automatically once per hour, and I *really* don't like my CPU fan going crazy for a minute every hour just because I like to leave Vidalia's network map window open.)

So I was wrong about this having anything to do with the geoip changes. I vote that the call to QCoreApplication::processEvents() be removed in the next release. (I'm also using libgeoip now so that my map has city-level resolution. Thanks to the developers for making it relatively easy to do that.)

[replying to myself again]

"Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically." Hmm, looks like that's not actually the case. Even worse, long strings get truncated, making them completely useless. Well, here's that link again, split into two parts:



February 15, 2011


Vidalia does not appear in the Ubuntu Maverick (10.10) repository. It appears in Lucid (10.04) but not Maverick. Please correct this.