Vidalia 0.2.15 is out!

by chiiph | October 11, 2011

Hello everybody,

I'm happy to announce a new version for Vidalia, 0.2.15.

If you find any bugs or have ideas on how to improve Vidalia, please
remember to go to and file a ticket for it!

You can find the source tarball and its signature in here:

TBB and other packages are going to be here soon, please be patient.

Here's what changed:

0.2.15 07-Oct-2011

  • Draw the bandwidth graph curves based on the local maximum, not
    the global maximum. Fixes bug 2188.
  • Add an option for setting up a non-exit relay to the Sharing
    configuration panel. This is meant to clarify what an exit policy
    and an exit relay are. Resolves bug 2644.
  • Display time statistics for bridges in UTC time, rather than local
    time. Fixes bug 3342.
  • Change the parameter for ordering the entries in the Basic Log
    list from currentTime to currentDateTime to avoid missplacing
    entries from different days.
  • Check the tor version and that settings are sanitized before
    trying to use the port autoconfiguration feature. Fixes bug 3843.
  • Provide a way to hide Dock or System Tray icons in OSX. Resolves
    ticket 2163.
  • Make new processes appear at front when they are started (OSX


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October 12, 2011


I repeatedly receive the warning message "Tried to establish rendezvous on non-OR or non-edge circuit." Is this something to be concerned about? If not, why is it classified as a "warning"? I'm running Vidalia 0.2.14 and Tor