Vidalia 0.2.19 is out!

Hello everybody,

I'm glad to announce that Vidalia stable has new releases, 0.2.18 and 0.2.19.
They are not really big releases, but there are some fixes here to make it more comfortable for you while we get the alpha ready to be called stable.

Why two different releases? Well, errors occur and version numbers don't cost any money, so basically 0.2.18 was released, a couple of issues were found and then we made 0.2.19 fixing them.

You can find the source tarballs in here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Vidalia releases have been in sync with Tor Browser Bundle releases. This won't necessarily happen anymore. It became hard to sync all the software that TBB contains, so Vidalia releases got delayed for more urgent Firefox issues and things like that. We therefor decided that Vidalia will be released when ready, and TBB will get it at some point.

So, if you don't want to build Vidalia from source, you need to be patient.

Here's what changed for 0.2.18 and 0.2.19:

0.2.18 14-May-2012

  • Use consensus bandwidth for routers when microdescriptors is
    enabled. Fixes bug 3287.
  • Notify users that a warning status event has appeared by flashing
    the Message Log button. Fixes bug 3957.
  • Fix a method that didn't return the specified type if another
    control method was selected. Fixes bug 4065.
  • Resume listing relays in the Network Map panel even when Tor only
    offers microdescriptors (new in Tor 0.2.3.x). Fixes ticket 4203.
  • Handle unrecognized Tor bootstrap phases. (Tor tells us a summary
    description of each bootstrap phase as it occurs, so we can use
    that string if needed.) Fixes bug 5109.
  • Displays Korean, Catalan and Greek in their native scripts. Fix
    bug 5110.
  • Support adding comments in the same line as a config option inside
    the torrc dialog. Fixes bug 5475.
  • Remove Polipo and Torbutton from Vidalia's build scripts. Resolves
    ticket 5769.
  • Fix deadlock when the browser process failed to launch in OS X.
  • Add ProfileDirectory, DefaultProfileDirectory, PluginsDirectory,
    DefaultPluginsDirectory for better Browser configuration. Also set
    the Vidalia binary location as the starting point for relative
  • Enable Burmese, Croatian, Basque and Serbian translation.
  • Remove the "Find bridges" button in order to avoid compromising
    users that need to hide behind tor at all times. Fixes bug 5371.
  • Add visual feedback from VClickLabel when in "pressed" state.
    Resolves ticket 5766.

0.2.19 30-May-2012

  • Disable "Run Vidalia when my system starts" if the
    BrowserExecutable config option is set. This will avoid issues with
    TBB users starting Vidalia the wrong way.
  • Automigrate TorExecutable, Torrc and DataDirectory config options
    to the new relative path handling.
  • Really get rid of the openssl dependency. The goal had been to
    achieve that for 0.2.18, but not everything was actually removed.
  • For static builds on windows, correctly link with zlib and

June 13, 2012


Thank you for the new Vidalia release. Why isn't there an unstable Vidalia Bundle (like Vidalia Relay Bundle etc.)?


June 13, 2012


Umm, you guys posted this under 14 May, but I think you meant 14 June.

This post is now appearing out of sequence in your blog entry list.