Vidalia 0.2.3 released

by phobos | September 3, 2009

On August 27th, we released Vidalia 0.2.3. This fixes some more bugs with "Who has used by bridge" functionality and switches to Qt signals for event handling.

The updated Vidalia packages can be found at

The changes are:

  • Create the data directory before trying to copy over the default
    Vidalia configuration file from inside the application bundle on Mac
    OS X. Affects only OS X drag-and-drop installer users without a
    previous Vidalia installation.
  • Change all Tor event handling to use Qt's signals and slots mechanism
    instead of custom QEvent subclasses.
  • Fix another bug that resulted in the "Who has used my bridge?" link
    initially being visible when the user clicks "Setup Relaying" from
    the control panel if they are running a non-bridge relay.
    (Ticket #509, reported by "vrapp")
  • Always hide the "Who has used my bridge?" link when Tor isn't running,
    since clicking it won't return useful information until Tor actually
    is running.


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September 06, 2009


Any specific reasons why QEvent subclasses are replaced with Qt's signals and slot?

The change resulted in much cleaner, simpler and shorter code that made implementing support for all the various status events displayed in 0.2.4 much easier. Informally, it also seems to have made the message log more responsive when logging at Tor's hyper-verbose debug level.