Vidalia 0.2.5 Released

On October 14th we released Vidalia 0.2.5. Changes are:

  • Add support in the Network settings page for configuring the
    Socks4Proxy and Socks5Proxy* options that were added in
    Tor Patch from Christopher Davis.
  • Add a "Automatically distribute my bridge address" checkbox (enabled
    by default) to the bridge relay settings options. (Ticket #524)
  • Add ports 7000 and 7001 to the list of ports excluded by the IRC
    category in the exit policy configuration tab. (Ticket #517)
  • Add a context menu for highlighted event items in the "Basic" message
    log view that allows the user to copy the selected item text to the
  • Maybe fix a time conversion bug that could result in Vidalia
    displaying the wrong uptime for a relay in the network map.
  • Stop trying to enforce proper quoting and escaping of arguments to be
    given to the proxy executable (e.g., Polipo). Now the user is on their
    own for properly formatting the command line used to start the proxy
    executable. (Ticket #523)

October 19, 2009


"Add support in the Network settings page for configuring the
Socks4Proxy and Socks5Proxy* options that were added in
Tor Patch from Christopher Davis."

Thanks to Chris' work and Matt's integration, Tor can now support nearly any proxy to get access to the Tor Network. Using open proxies or other proxy tools is now possible to get access to the unfiltered Internet through Tor while keeping your communications private and anonymous.

In some dystopian future world where all Tor relays and bridges are blocked, so long as open proxies exist, you can still reach the Tor Network.

Your connection would be as such:

your client <---> open SOCKS/HTTP proxy <---> Tor network

October 21, 2009


What does this mean about Tor and Polipo? Will this lead to a change from Polipo to something else?

October 21, 2009


Okay, I downloaded this for my computer. But I have a problem, I use Google Chrome for my internet browser and not Firefox. Does anyone know how I can get it for Google Chrome??

when this can be back on use in China?

hi ! if you want crash anything that must be learn to mask behaviors,it is not only technique problems , but also sense-logical problems.Remember forever,mask you as the Chameleon in china.even when you are surfing cross Tor.

Qué debo hacer cuando Vidalia me pide pass ? Dónde me registro?

What must I make when Vidalia asks me for pass? Where do I get registered?

October 28, 2009

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Hi to all. I'm from Romania, from a student campus, we use yuor software every day (good job), Privoxy and Vidalia to connect to some sites, but for 3 days now, all the vidalia bundle versions i've tryed do not connect any more, it shows me an error like: coulnd't find root host,or it just stops at the third part of the bar... some help?

If you enable the info log setting, are there any errors or connection problems?

Have you tried a bridge or three?

Off topic, but whatever happened to Incognito? Is it kaput?

It still exists, just being reworked from gentoo to ubuntu I believe.

November 09, 2009

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thank you for that news.

What happened to Privoxy? It doesn't seem to be included in the bundle anymore.

polipo is now the preferred proxy.
see for discussion and references

I say,will you Tor guys pay more attention to maimland China? Where you can enjoy Tor, only if you use bridge relays.But bridges can be blocked still,and you have to change bridges from time to time. Tor must Establish a stable encrypted directory connection by defaut.

you can also get bridges by querying an email address as documented at
but there may now be automated tools looking for bridges which are published by Torproject, so you could consider setting up an informal network among trusted people where you run private bridges using instructions shown at

Thank you for your reply.I'v got some bridges through e-mail,they work well,at least presently.

I have tried the new stable version(,but the DOS window gave a notice:

(Day/Time) [notice] This version of Tor ( is newer than any recommended version in its series, according to the directory authorities. Recommended versions are:,,,,,,,

What does "newer than any recommended version in its series" mean? Dose it mean is too new to be recommended? Is not suitable for use in mainland China?

Suggest ways we can pay more attention and help out.

Heck, I was just in Hong Kong and got to experience the internet filtering first hand, and how to work around it.

We have networks in china giving out bridge IPs. We're monitoring blocking of relays and bridges. We have translations into simplified chinese.

We changed tor to be able to use any proxy, so if you find one that isn't blocked, use it to get to the rest of the internet via tor.

what more can we do to help?

"We changed tor to be able to use any proxy"

—— What do you mean by "changed tor to be able to use any proxy"? Use an "outsaide" proxy to accsse Tor network,instead of a bridge relay? That needs to edit the torrc file,for example,as:

HttpProxy host:port
HttpsProxy host:port

I'd rather use bridge relays,they work fine.

I'v got many a way to by-pass the Great Firewall,but Tor is my favorite for years.

"What more can we do to help?"

—— I hope Tor "just do it".And wish Tor ever young,and never old.

Hi, I downloaded the latest mac bundle (0.2.6), but I can't get Vidalia to start. copies to the Applications folder fine, but when I click on it nothing happens. It doesn't even appear in the dock.

I've had previous versions of Tor installed on this computer and they worked fine. I thought I removed them completely before installing the new version. Can anyone help?

By the way, please help if you can, I really need a proxy ASAP.

Did you download the dmg for your cpu? ppc or intel?

I'm having the same problem (10.4.11 / Intel). Downloaded the Universal binary. Tried both the Alpha and the Stable and had the same problem.

Went back, nuked all tor-related things (includin prefs) from my harddrive, still the same issue.

December 18, 2009

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Have the same issue (Tiger 10.4.11), I was always fine with my old version, it said to upgrade and then the trouble began. When I got around the lib-error (with the bundle) I then used the alpha and the gui started but now it won't install tor and polipo and says that I should locate tor... Earlier version had a .pkg to install the tor deamon a.s.o. but now this seems to be handled by the .app. Also I tried to merge the contents of the two packages (bundle and working alpha gui) but my simple approach didn't work either. Of course I deleted all things related to older versions and restarted several times. Would be great if there's a solution.

1. Delete /Library/Vidalia, ~/Library/Vidalia and ~/.vidalia
2. Download the 0.2.6 alpha, and the vidalia bundle
3. Move from the bundle to /Applications ond view packages content
4. Open package content of from the alpha and
5. In both open packages go into the Contents dir
6. Move From alpha to the bundle:
a) Frameworks dir
b) MacOS/Vidalia into corresponding folder (overwrite)
7. Start the improved bundle (if it's not in the Application folder you shout alter the pathes to tor and proxy)


When will be there an update for Tor Browser bundle ?
- 1.2.9 has too old firefox with lot of security bugs

Yes, it's coming. It's going to be a big update, so it's going through a lot of testing.

Good job guys, but my tor connection is pitifully too slow, pls how can i speed up?
Do i need to work on my system, or simply upgrade to the new version???

November 10, 2009

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Hello, may I ask Tor software support "Windows 7" operating system? Thank you

It's been reported to work under Win7 for a while now.

Is there planned windows 7 x64 support?

we lack a 64bit system for building binaries, and a license to run win7.

Polipo does not allow downloads bigger than 30 megabytes. FAIL!

Yes it does.

You guys are aware, of course, that all torproject pages for downloading Vidalia and tor files are blocked. Are you by any chance going to allow a mirror site for downloading?

And, just a note: "building bridges is unsupported on Mac" and ISPs are effectively whacking bridges faster than most novices can build them, so it looks like China is a crap out for Tor.

Thanks for the effort. It was okay while it lasted.

Any other proxy suggestions welcome. Please reply to this thread. Thanks.

bridges work fine on the mac, what do you mean? people in china who use osx are using bridges just fine.

we have a number of mirror sites for downloading tor packages.

Guys Vidalia is not able to connect to the Tor Network. It says "Connecting to the Tor Network and It tries to connect but the connection freezes in the middle and that's all.First a start Privoxy then Vidalia.I have the Tor installed. I've used this program since 2006 but now it seems there are some problems.I downloaded the latest ver of Vidalia and tried again but the same result. Any ideas ? Thanks.

I have the same problem.

I have been using Tor for years with no problem.

Recently when Vidalia loads it freezes halfway and I get the following error message:

Vidalia was unable to apply your server
settings to Tor.

Unrecognized option: Uknown option
'BridgeRelay'. Failing.

To try and solve the problem I installed the latest version of Firefox and the latest version of the Vidalia/Tor package - no change.

Any ideas anyone?


New TOR Vidalia bundle version archives

Direct link:…

The last Mac OS security update screwed up previous Vidalia settings.
This latest version (released Feb 2010) fixes the problems.
Reference ==>

Install & replace your previous TOR Vidalia bundle version:
* Double-click .dmg file and drag&drop into Applications.
* Agree to replace the existing Vidalia.
* Open Vidalia.
* Inside Vidalia settings ADD bridges
(recommended for folks in mainland China):
* You should be able to see the connections being successful from the "View the Network" map.

Good Luck.

~ Tom
(expat in Shanghai)