Vidalia bundle, OSX and Qt bugs

by phobos | January 20, 2008

It appears Qt-4.3.3 has a bug that is causing Vidalia to crash when the list of Tor nodes refreshes and is sorted. The current and bundles for OSX are built against Qt-4.3.3.

I've downgraded the build hosts to Qt-4.3.2. The rebuilt OSX vidalia-bundle packages for both and are available as:

These bundles contain Vidalia compiled with Qt-4.3.2. This makes Vidalia happy again.


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HI, I'm using Qt 4.4 (open source) to build a portable OpenGL panorama viewer. It works great on Win32 and Linux, but badly on OSX. The symptoms strongly suggest that the QGLWidget c'tor and d'tor are not correctly initializing/destroying something in the graphics context that relates to cube mapped texturing.

I am almost mac-illiterate and don't own one, so I can't just try a thousand hacks until I stumble on a solution -- I need the advice of an expert. Can you help?

Thanks -- Tom