Vidalia: get involved!

by chiiph | April 12, 2011

Hello everyone, for those who don't know me, I'm the one that's taking care of Vidalia these days.

The other day I was contacted by paulproteus in the #vidalia IRC channel about an initiative they (OpenHatch) are organizing called "Build It".

The idea

Open Source projects live and die depending on contributors and people that want to see the project evolve, but this isn't so easy sometimes.
The guys behind the Build It initiative have a theory about this difficulty:

"...lots of users of free desktop software want to get involved in customizing or contributing to the project's development, but they haven't gotten to the first step of getting the program to compile."

Since I'm a Gentoo user for years now, the compilation part comes naturally to me and I haven't thought of this issue that way but it's an interesting approach.

The event

This week, people involved in Vidalia and other Open Source projects will be at a specific time online to help users (future developers, may be :) ) jump over this compilation wall. Particularly, Vidalia is scheduled for this Friday at 13:00 UTC in the same place as usual: #vidalia at OFTC.

While this event is taking place on a particular day and a particular time, I'm online all the time (even when I'm not in front of the computer). So if you want to contribute to Vidalia or any of the projects around Tor (or Tor itself), don't hesitate, just get online and start typing, but be patient and stick around. Also, you'd probably want to read this:

If you want to know more about the Buld It initiative, you can ask in #openhatch at Freenode, or read here:


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April 15, 2011


Dear Chiiph,

playing around with running TOR running on a DSL modem/router with linux mips (FritzBox, a quite common device in DE, see also for reference) and control/supervise it from a Linux PC with Vidalia. Thus, I'm am basically interested in the event, but it takes place during my working hours. Would it be possible to post/link a summary and/or archive of the chat?

Thanks & Cheers,

Hi Wo,

Sorry for the delay on the response, you should join #vidalia at OFTC so we can talk about this. Our channels don't have logs.