We're looking for another dedicated core Tor developer

by arma | April 20, 2012

Your job would be to work on all aspects of the main Tor network daemon and other open-source software. This would be a contractor position for 2012 (starting as soon as you're ready and with plenty of work to keep you busy), with the possibility of 2013 and beyond.

Being a core Tor developer includes triaging, diagnosing, and fixing bugs; looking for and resolving security issues; and working collaboratively with coworkers and volunteers on implementing new features and protocol changes at every stage from design to maintenance. We'd also need help making our code more scalable, testable, and maintainable. Sometimes, we need to drop everything and scramble to implement last-minute anticensorship schemes, or to deploy urgent security updates. You'd also be reviewing other people's code and designs, and looking for ways to improve it. For an idea of the breadth and depth of the work you'd be doing, have a look at the ChangeLog file from the Tor source distribution.

See our new jobs page for details: https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs.html.en


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April 20, 2012



Please update the TBB versions with the newest version of OpenSSL.

Today I received my first ever SSL cert error within Vidalia, using the latest TBB version for my platform of choice.

I have never witnessed this error in the past. The error in the logs showcased several lines of errors, around 4, I believe, and it was directly related to the OpenSSL vuln, in my guess.

I regret not saving the error logs, but at the time I shrugged it off.

I do recall the IP associated with the error:

[ Router Name: whywouldiwanna
[ IP:
[ FP: $9e1dd7c6fa7f72b9473daf3f0780bbc7c1ce670f

[ Detail:


I'm familiar with the related discussion here:


but I believe it to be incorrect.

I strongly believe an updated release of all TBB versions' OpenSSL should be updated AT ONCE.

Let's not speculate. Please, put this update into motion!

April 20, 2012


Now that we have the torrc option for putting different application streams through different socks ports, is it possible to assign different bandwidth rates/accounting limits on those streams? For example, a local client connection to a relay wouldn't use up any of the relay's accounting limit or be limited by its bandwidth configuration. Just as an alternative to running more than one instance.

There are more appropriate places to ask this question. Please detail what you have tried to do this already, demonstrate that you have read the manual etc and ask in the Tor IRC.

Hackers don't care, as long as you are good. Be excellent. Love what you do. Learn everything you can about the machine & networks.