Windows Bridge-by-Default Bundle

by erinn | April 1, 2011

Last year we had bridge by default bundles as a technology preview but we're going to bring them back on a consistent basis. We have an updated bridge by default Vidalia bundle (sig) for Windows available with Tor We will soon have OS X bridge by default bundles as well -- you can follow along here if you're interested in the technical details.

We're very interested in getting feedback about how many new bridges these bundles create, so please comment here or on our bug tracking system and let us know.


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April 01, 2011


Great stuff, but which bridge port will be used by default? 443? Remember that Skype on windows uses 443, 80 ports for relaying.

Vidalia picks port 443 by default on Windows, and port 9001 by default on OS X and Linux (since in those cases it can't pick a privileged port without permissions).

You can go into the Vidalia "sharing" settings window and change the port. But that defeats some of the point of a preconfigured bundle. I wonder how much of an issue this conflict is in practice.

April 03, 2011

In reply to arma


Yes arma, i wonder too, because most of end non-advanced users are using Skype, without ticking out "User 80,443 ports for connections" box in Skype settings. This realy breaks "just Setup&Use" mode.