December 2011 Progress Report

Our progress report for December 2011 is available as a pdf with pretty graphs and text file. Highlights are on hidden services fixes, openssl fixes, obfuscating proxy progress, and general updates on advocacy and releases.

PDF might be missing a graph. "This graph shows the total quantity of relays and the total quantity of bridges in December 2011" does not have a picture that would show that. (all other descriptions have a corresponding graph)

I'm curious if you've considered using PolarSSL?

has anybody thought of using onoin cat along with tor? whats the belief on this?

This is just a notification, not for the blog:

Using with exit node:
proxyleaks (Online)
Location: Romania
IP Address:
Platform: Tor (git-73ff13ab3cc9570d) on Linux i686

I got repeatedly displayed which is not the exit nodes IP address.

yep... why does proxyleaks show up as a non tor exit node on the site?

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