Ten Things to Look for in a Circumvention Tool

As more countries crack down on Internet use, people around the world are turning to anti-censorship software that lets them reach blocked websites. Many types of software, also known as circumvention tools, have been created to answer the threat to freedom online. These tools provide different features and levels of security, and it's important for users to understand the tradeoffs.

This article lays out ten features you should consider when evaluating a circumvention tool. The goal isn't to advocate for any specific tool, but to point out what kind of tools are useful for different situations.

The full article is available here, https://www.torproject.org/press/presskit/2010-09-16-circumvention-featu...

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First of all, I want you to stop and think about what anarchism on the Internet would look like.

If there ever was a proving ground for anarchy, it is here. Each individual (and group -- 'corporations' too) has their own responsibility to secure their information and services, and provide what they will to who they will. There is no need for law here, only code. The only purpose law serves here is for vengeance. If someone wrongs you here because you fail to secure your information, have they done wrong? Yes, they have. However, using the law to prosecute them as opposed to changing your service, business model, and code is only seeking revenge, and is a waste of your energy that accomplishes nothing.

Your point about TOR as safe because it is being used by criminals is an interesting one, but ultimately untrue. Criminals actually have some pretty good resources at the moment. Many of which are better than TOR: http://bit.ly/axueYq

These tools are not better because of technology, the actual technology is usually absolute shit (trust me, I have seen it). The reason why these tools are better is because they are obscure. Yes, criminals enjoy security through obscurity. There are so many of them, and many times as many more poorly secured PCs. There is no hope at all of combating them through law.

As a government, all you really can do is capitalize on people's fears to create more laws to provide you with the surveillance tools to better monitor how your propaganda persuades the populace to give you more power. Especially in cases of war. Once you have dragnet surveillance to make you instantly aware of the results, propaganda now becomes a science that you can test, target, and repeat.

I believe this is why TOR is allowed to exist. Sure, dumb criminals use TOR because they can't figure out how to pay for something better. But mostly those criminals are just trolls and forum spammers. Real criminals don't use TOR because TOR IPs are obviously detected and if you are committing a crime, the LAST thing you want is someone looking extra closely at your actions because your source IP is in some DNSRBL. So you use that stolen credit card you have to buy some extra slices from a botnet of normal, innocent residential PCs before placing the order.

Yes, TOR software is good, and probably even the best. But never being suspected in the first place beats the best technology every time...


Well, if the technology of those "underground" tools is so very bad!!!!! i think "dumb criminals" (not so much dumb!!!!!) could use the TOR-NETWORK to chain it with their "private proxies" ("botnets")!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!! in this way they can have both: Tor's security and being unsuspected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! because so far your post is the best and most interesting answer i ever got at the TOR's blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though i think, in some way or other, the TOR NETWORK could be very useful for criminals too!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You never heard about Roger!?! How about Nick Mathewson? I know you heard about Mike Perry ;-) I guess you can't take the time to learn about Tor as I'm sure it takes all your time just typing all those dame exclamation points. I thought you went away, and I was happy, now our back I'm sad.

P.S. how many keyboards do you go through a week, or maybe you just replace the exclamation point key which I'm sure you wear out in a day.

It's *NOT* "TOR" for crying out loud, it's "Tor". Get it right will you!?!

Why don't you guys just shut up and try a bit harder to make tor work again? Don't you see the sharp decreasing number of tor users? Tor 's been not usable since June, and I spent weeks finding alternatives. Finally I got one, and it worked for me very well for more than 2 months. However, just 3 days after you published this damn article, it got killed too! You are effectively helping the evil authority to dig up and kill good tools!???

Damn it!!!!!!!!

We are improving tor all of the time. I feel your angst, but the lack of details doesn't help solve the problem. Have you tried bridges? What errors do you get? What country are you in that is blocking Tor?

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