Tor Browser 6.0.1 is released

Tor Browser 6.0.1 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

Tor Browser 6.0.1 is the first point release in our 6.0 series. It updates Firefox to 45.2.0esr, contains fixes for two crash bugs and does not ship the loop extension anymore.

Update (June, 8, 12:28 UTC): We just found out that our incremental updates for Windows users were not working. After a short investigation this issue could get resolved and incremental updates are working again. One of the unfortunate side effects of this bug was that all users upgrading from 6.0 got the English 6.0.1 version. The safest way to get a properly localized Tor Browser again is to download it from our homepage. We are sorry for any inconvenience due to this.

Update 2 (June, 10, 9:17 UTC): Linux users that hit serious performance regressions with Tor Browser 6.x might want to try setting gfx.xrender.enabled to false. For a detailed discussion of this problem see bug 19267.

Update 3 (June, 10, 9:22 UTC): We plan to post instructions for removing the OS X code signing parts on our website soon. This should make it easier to compare the OS X bundles we build with the actual bundles we ship.

Update 4 (June, 15, 8:34 UTC): There are a number of users reporting crashes on and Facebook. We are still investigating this bug and are working on a fix. Meanwhile there are at least two ways to avoid those crashes: 1) Using a clean new Tor Browser 6.0.1 (including a new profile) solves the problem. 2) As files cached by those websites in the Tor Browser profile are somehow related to the crashes, deleting them helps as well. See bug 19400 for more details in this regard.

Here is the full changelog since 6.0:

  • All Platforms

    • Update Firefox to 45.2.0esr
    • Bug 18884: Don't build the loop extension
    • Bug 19187: Backport fix for crash related to popup menus
    • Bug 19212: Fix crash related to network panel in developer tools
  • Linux

    • Bug 19189: Backport for working around a linker (gold) bug

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new update keeps saying its an old version...

Is that still the case? What version number is shown in the upper right corner on the about:tor page?

works fine now, it was showing 6.0.1 in the corner, but the yellow exclamationmark was blinking nonetheless.

My Tor Browser changed language after the update.

Of Portuguese Portugual changed to English.

Its back to the original language without downloading the browser again?

Which operating system are you on?

EDIT: And if you click on the hamburger menu -> Add-ons -> Languages you should be able to select Portuguese again. After a restart everything should be fine.

Use Windows 7.

In the Tor Browser did not find the option to change the language.

See my comment below.

Okay, it seems this was due to a bug in our updating infrastructure (see the note in the blog post above). As I said there, the safest way is probably to download the pt-PT browser again from our website. As an alternative you might get away with just grabbing the language pack from Mozilla directly: and then you can enable it as outlined in my other reply. I have not tested that though, so no guarantees. :)

Installed the translation and it worked, thank you.

(I had not read the comment below) :D

I can`t see my chat with tor

Which chat is that?

:D (y)

You forgot to highlight that it disabled Brotli compression.

That is not a thing we did with our patches, thus it is non included in the Tor Browser changelog.

How can I stop automatic updates?

I need to download elsewhere for safety.

Please help, I am in danger because of these updates.

Go to Options (about:preferences), then to Advanced->Update->Never check for updates.
Please do not forget to update, especially if you use something dangerous like JavaScript.
Also, addons autoupdating should be turned off separately in about:addons (small cog->uncheck Update Add-ons Automatically), if that is important to you.

Never check for updates (not recommended: security risk) in about:preferences#advanced doesn't work or what?

'Never check for updates' doesn't stop the updates.

Removing the visible update files from the package or newly externalized folder doesn't stop the updates.

Flipping bits and removing links in about:config doesn't stop the updates.

Where are the update instructions coming from? Do I need to pull some git files and remove code before packaging binaries?

Please help.

I've posted a way to do it. Look for update-settings.ini further down in this thread.

Aren't these updates strictly verified in addition to pinned HTTPS nowadays?

Yes, they are.

There are always a lot of posts as yours about safety during updating. Don't you know that updates are going through Tor network? Or is there another issue?

are they? note use of CDN per above in the post

They're still going through Tor; they're just not being served from the torproject server.

This is the second update in a week, did something cause such a short amount of time to be between updates?

The first update was part of the soft-launch of 6.0: I.e. if there were serious issues with 6.0 users could still downgrade to 5.5.5 without being exposed to known Firefox vulnerabilities. 6.0.1 brings the fixes to known Firefox vulnerabilities and using 5.5.5 is not recommended anymore from now on.

Update 6.0 -> 6.0.1 on Windows = 60.2 MB. It's not funny.

We are sorry about that and are working on it. The reason for this is not known yet as the incremental update from 6.0 to 6.0.1 are working on OS X and Linux.

Fixed. See the note in the blog post for an explanation and thanks for reporting.

After the automatic update it now says "Something Went Wrong Tor is not working in the browser"

On Windows all previous updates were in:
Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Browser\Caches\firefox\updates\0
update.mar (~33MB) is left in this folder. (5.5.5 to 6.0)

Update from 6.0 to 6.0.1 is in:
Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\UpdateInfo\updates\0
UPDATE TYPE complete

This should be fixed now.

once downloaded it refuses to open. Running on windows 10. opened folder and tried all exe. files and still will not run

yea, runs only once on Windows 10 after installation, then when you start it 2nd time it crashes

Do you get an error message?

I won't install this on Win 10 as I've not been able to see v 6.0 run myself and haven't read that anyone else has yet. Has this been made to work on Win 10 yet?

Why is about:tbupdate allowed in NoScript, but the other about:* don't? has the answer for you. In short we need if for showing the changelog.

I updated Tor and now it wont start! tried to delete and download again - sgtill wont start?

Same for me. I deleted it, reinstalled it and still nothing. Windows 10.

I'm also having the same problem. No error messages. Happens with or without anti-virus SW enabled. Actually having to go back to v. 4.5.1 to get a working tor as it's the last bundle installer I have downloaded; all versions since then have been in-browser updates. Complete removal and re-install with a freshly downloaded v. 6.0.1 does not fix the issue. This new version simply fails to start in Windows 10 Pro x64

This update "Tails 2.4" solves a major security flaw regarding connections to the Tor servers. With version 2.4 beta Tails, I noted that the 9001 port was constantly blocked. Today, at the start of Tails Browser Bundle automatic update to work properly, the 9001 port is operational, it ensures proper timing of updates with firefox and core. The DomainFactory particular server (for example) properly establishes the connection on port 9001. It unfortunately remains unresolved for some DNS leakage problem. 1 month ago, I saw ( that 10% of Tor circuits had DNS leaks. To resolve this vulnerability I channeled my DNS server LOCALHOST that points to OpenDNS.

I assume you mean a local DNS server that points to openDNS over For. One that points straight to openDNS over the clearnet is not really any better than the default configuration.

Another way to stop leaks is
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING --dport 53 -j REDIRECT --to-port 9053
iptables -A INPUT ! -i lo --dport 53 -j DROP
With torrc:
DNSPort 9053

Which will stop DNS leaks even when applications attempt to use their own DNS servers (for whatever reason). Check the tor Wiki for a full set of firewall rules. Tails or Whonix is still the safest way to go.

On installation I realized my test, the flow of DNS queries Tails 2.4 passes through the port 5353 (default configuration), the port 53 is not used because I installed "Tails 2.4" on a virtual machine on which I configured a network interface "NAT" (DHCP only an internal IP address available for Tails). DNS queries to "Tails 2.4" pass directly to a VPN tunnel (UDP) installed on the physical machine (localhost). The host machine is configured with DNSCrypt OpenDNS in localhost. All authentication and Commnunication with OpenDNS server are encrypted .. The virtual network adapter (physical machine) has no default gateway. The DNS server of the virtual network adapter (physical machine) is set

This configuration offers a better guarantee to stop all DNS leaks

I am not sure that your alternative (iptables) will stop the DNS leaks.

For information here is my security configuration that I start each time you start "Tails", this configuration must be adjusted according to your needs:

# command line to detect the sending of a too large volume of TCP packets with flags
iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp --tcp-flags SYN,ACK,FIN,RST RST -m limit --limit 1/s -j ACCEPT

# scan detection and IP address blocking
/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dports 20:21,22,23,25,465,587 -m recent --set --name SCANNERS --rsource -j DROP

/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dports 110,137:139,143,194 -m recent --set --name SCANNERS --rsource -j DROP

/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dports 9050,9051,9052,9062,9061,4101,6136 -m recent --set --name SCANNERS --rsource -j DROP

I forgot in my previous comment this line to block the IP addresses of robots scanners:

iptables -A INPUT -m recent --update --seconds 3600 --hitcount 2 --name SCANNERS --rsource --reap -j DROP

Please release Tor with 64 bit Firefox ESR version for windows as soon as possible. Thanks.

NOTE: Firefox 45 (ESR) has an official 64 bit version for windows.

That is planned for the ESR52 switch although the alpha series might have this earlier.

I have now installed the update on a virtual machine running "WIndows 10 Pro x86-64bits" (VMWARE WORKSTATION), everything works fine! I also updated a physical machine running "Windows 8.1 Pro", everything works properly! :)

Tor Browser 6.0.1, Update Firefox to 45.2.0esr
Glad to see the update "Tails 2.4" has corrected many bug !

constantly crashes and instantly crashes uploading to facebook..

Could you give us steps to reproduce your problem? What operating system are you on? Which version? What locale are you using?

copy and paste also crashes over and over on facebooks Tor hidden service from Debian Testing

I copied and pasted things on Facebook's front page several times using the onion service on a Debian testing system. No luck in reproducing your problem. Can you give me steps to do so? Even better, do you feel comfortable trying to capture a stack trace of the crash? If so, could you open a ticket on our bug tracker and we can get the technical discussion going there? Thanks for you help!

I'm experiencing this problem. "do you feel comfortable trying to capture a stack trace of the crash?" Why not ? How ?

Thanks for trying to help. We have some guidance on:

That said we are close to have this debugged and are currently thinking about the proper way for fixing the issue. Thus, we might need your help next time. :)

Hi, I experience the same thing after update. I use Debian jessy. I am novice in linux,
can you tell me where to lock for log files?
TB is crashing usually when I click browse button, and when I try to select image to upload it crashes, without confirmation.

Tor Browser 6.0.1 on windows 10 crash when I visit facebook.
Sometimes when i click a link, sometimes when I try to write something.

happens to me all the time, trying to write something, opening people's pages doing anything other than scrolling through the newsfeed. It is doing my head in. Using Yosemite 10.10.5

We are still investigating the problem (see: An easy workaround is using a clean, new Tor Browser 6.0.1. See: point 3) or ff. for just removing the offending files in your profile as another way to solve the issue.

Noticed lately when refreshing to a new tor circuit it always returns the same United States IP as the first circuit - why? or is this normal?

When you still have the same IP address, it may be that your connection "Tor" is no longer in the Tor network. To be safe you should test the network settings "Tor". Do you have a VPN connection to upstream installed on your host machine?

Wouldn't that be your guard node? Guard nodes by design change very infrequently to mitigate confirmation attacks.

Hi there,
Thanks for the update..
is the Reader-View Disabled by TBB Devz?
if (YES)!
may know why?

Thanx again..& Bye4Now

Some files disappeared from my tor-browser/Browser/Downloads folder when I restarted to apply the update. I think they were downloaded between the updater downloading the update and me clicking the restart now button. Is that expected behavior?

Many thanks to all great designers Tor browser and those who support it!

Why is it searching duck duck go when i enter the url wrong. (accidentally hit \ before enter, for example typing '\' will search instead of either telling me that '\' doesn't exist or going to

Because DuckDuckGo is used as the fallback search engine as long as Disconnect can't provide Google search results anymore. And entering a non-URL in the search bar and hitting enter performs a search by default.

No, if you enter other non-urls, it just says it can't connect. (Try http://asdfsa.poop/ for example, you get "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at asdfsa.poop.") That is what I thought was the default behavior, to prevent you from accidentally searching something you specifically didn't enter into the search bar. (I know the default Firefox behavior is different.)

What I entered was a valid URL, plus a \ at the end (which isn't hard to accidentally do with the \ right by enter), and included a lot of ?blah=something-i-dont-really-want-searched stuff on the end.

Hello fellow team of tor programmers, when the problem with an auto-update "kinda-thingie" will be solved? I prefer the manual update, when i can check all pgp keys...i dont know where autoupdates downloading from, neither if they're being checked by pgp keys...and it's creeping me out. Thanks for attention, and good luck, hope you'll answer. Because i can't turn it off even in the dev.mode =(

In the about:config there are various clock settings, about when tor expires, about after how long IDLE time the update takes place and also links with the keyword torproject of where updates come from. Once an auto-update takes place it tells you you need to restart for the update to go on effect, meaning NOTHING has yet changed if you haven't restarted. In the tor-browser directory you will find two folders and a file of the "update". Note also that your folder size has about doubled :) If you delete those two folders and that update file no update has gone into effect.

I do not know why this path was chosen, having an update be forced on users by so many different instructions "other than" the main setting DO NOT AUTO-UPDATE which seems irrelevant.

Numerous security problems with ff38 etc etc ...
Tor users are by default anti-authoritarian types, to have any decisions forced onto them is problematic as an approach.

Sincerely yours,

ok very good

e10s is confirmed for esr 52?

Not yet. But we hope it'll get in.

thanks tor browser

Then which one is the tor browser latest version


Torbutton didn't remind me of the update from 5.5.5 to 6

Yes, because 5.5.5 was not out-of-date by the time 6.0 got released. This should be different now.

magnific i like it
thanks tor browser


Update ran as it always does and now TOR will not open. Using Windows 7. Worked fine until update and now doesn't work. Tried going to the 6.5a1 and it also won't open.

I click on the start Tor Browser icon and nothing happened. Deleted all previous versions, created a new folder and tried reinstalling that way - and still won't open.

Had an old 5.0.4 version in downloads and was able to get Tor working using that version.

What did you guys do? Never had any issues running Tor but now only the old version works.

Same here except running Windows 10. I reverted to 5.5.5 and it runs fine. I tried updating to 6.0 & then 6.0.1 and neither ever opened.

I opened & observed Process Explorer while trying to open 6.0.1 - PE showed TOR/Firefox.exe then after a second it showed a sub-file WerFault.exe, then the 2 files went red and closed in PE. I even tried loading with regular Firefox closed & tried deactivating anti-virus. Nothing.

Interesting ... I opened my Oracle VM and updated from 5.5.x to 6.0.1 without problem within the VM. But I still cannot get 6.0.1 to open in Windows 10.

After update on 6.0.1 Tor doesn't work. I mean "The connection was reset" notice on everything - every clearnet and darknet sites



The standard sketch of a pair of onion circuits is

your-device <==> entry-node1 <==> relay-node1 <==> exit-node1 <--> nameserver

your-device <==> entry-node2 <==> relay-node2 <==> exit-node2 <--> destination

which is intended to suggest that tor circuits consist of three hops, with three well-encrypted links
but the last not-encrypted
with the exception that if your destination site supports https, the last link is also encrypted (probably not as well as the previous links however). The link to a public nameserver usually cannot be encrypted by Tor.

In a bit more detail: modern Tor uses different circuits for different domains, e.g., and in order to get to, another circuit is constructed to a public nameserver, and the exit-node in that circuit looks up the IP address associated with "", the last part of the URL you typed in Tor Browser's location pane, and then the exit-node in the original circuit connects to that IP.

It sounds like you might want an encrypted connection to the nameserver. Don't we all, but that is a problem with the infrastructure of the Internet itself, which as I understand, cannot be fixed by Tor alone.

I am only another user, not a Tor developer. No doubt someone will correct me if I got anything horribly wrong.

" Sorry. You are not using Tor.

Your IP address appears to be: 2604:a880:1:20::46b:e001"

What does this mean?!

Looks like that may be the IPv6 address given to your computer by your ISP in a un-torified browser session.

Did you see this notice at

yes, i leaved a site clicking on the button "home" so i came back to the tor session and then checked it.
i was on isp _vpn_tor. .
so , it means that my session was not on tor and my vpn was cancelled by my isp without i realized it?
i disabled ipv6 but i wonder if it was a sophisticated hack or just an error.

temporary file ?
unknown problem/hack/bug : june 10
seddm2xrp is a file in the the tor folder (version 6.0.1 _ linuxx64 verified-pgp) and it is the first time i see that.
what it is ?

Not sure how to reproduce that. I just downloaded an en-US Linux64 Tor Browser from our website, extracted it and there was no such file there.

well, it must be a temporary file from a vpn connection.

I use win 10 and tor wont open at all after updating to 6.1, is there a link to peel it back to 6.0?

tried latest hardened release on win 10, still wont open.

Haven't been able to upgrade for the past 3 releases. I've used Tor browser for years, and am *pretty sure* it's not an operator error. ;-)

I've tried 6.0, 6.0a5, and 6.0.1 - none of them start or provide any error messages either, so it's difficult to say how far they are getting.

Prior releases worked, and reverting to 5.x works.

Ubuntu 10.10 (yes, a bit old but newer versions have trouble on this Aspire One. Atom 1.66 Ghz, 512K cache, 1 GB RAM. There's plenty of available disk space, all networks are operational, Vidalia is also able to connect, etc. This is something that crept in during the transition to 6.0.x.

Ubuntu 10.10 is long out-of-date and you are vulnerable using it. We are building Tor Browser now on Debian Wheezy and that might be the reason for you having this problem.


crashes instantly with facebook when attempting to do anything

facebook keeps crashing when opening messages.


dnscrypt is about server & they keep logs & it is for windows.


i agree with you about that subject but i have not find something for gnu_linux.

It is unfortunately true that wireless keyboards, especially ones which use poorly encrypted connections, are a serious security hazard. It is also true that intelligence agencies use various esoteric techniques (some of which can be exploited by technically able amateurs) to spy even on monitors and keyboards which are connected to a computer by a wired connection. It is not an easy task for the ordinary citizen to assess the degree of risk posed to their own computer use by such nastiness.

I would not recommend that all Tor users download commercial software from an unknown source, unless it in Open Source and has been audited by respected security researchers, because this seems more likely to introduce security flaws (or even malware) than to solve a specific and known-dangerous problem.

Will Tor or Tails use the One Time Pad Encryption methods?

One Time Pads are virtually unbreakable.

> Will Tor or Tails use the One Time Pad Encryption methods?

But in practical terms, how would you use them?

One-time-pads are indeed unbreakable, and trivial to implement. So why doesn't everyone use them for everything? Because the key needs to be of the same length as the message, and must somehow be shared in advance, with absolute secrecy.

Modern cryptosystems use secrets (key material) which are far shorter and easier to store, transport, and hide. In almost any scenario connected with modern computing, using a modern system makes more sense than trying to use a one time pad.

If you can find a copy, I highly recommend David Kahn's classic book The Codebreakers. This should help anyone to better understand the essential problems of cryptography, which have not really changed since Alberti's time.

you mix communication and transmission.

OTP is made for sharing a secret between 2 persons (or more with a table) _ it is a manual procedure _ not ,for tor or a server or an usb even if something, someone, somewhere tried to do the same thing by electronic process (random must be real) ; maybe in a near future it will be possible but how it could be implemented or used ; that , i do not know.

I experience Tor browser crash using facebook after update. I use Debian jessy.
TB is crashing usually when I click browse button, and when I try to select image to upload it crashes, without confirmation.

The same for me since the last update (6.5...)

I too am having problems with update 6.0.1. It simply doesn't open. Running Windows 10 - 64bit. Anyone got a solution?

Upgraded to 6.0.1 and now Tor simply does not run. No error message. Nothing. Running Windows 10.

Ever since 6.0 came out, says that the "your browser profile differs from the recommended".

Even a clean install throws up red flags about my user-agent and signature upon running tests.

What gives? Is their tor profile simply not yet updated or is there something wrong with 6.0?

Ip-check keeps telling me that my profile doesn't match the standard, even on a clean install, with 6.0 onwards reported as "you are using an uncommon browser identifier" and flagging my user agent as bad.

Is their info simply out of date or is something else wrong?

Upgraded to 6.0.1 and now TOR will open. Running on Windows 10. Will there be a fix soon for Windows users?

Don't recommend 6.01. Version 6.0 ran like a dream, 6.01 consistently crashes on certain sites.

Hopefully 6.5 better. Will try that.

Could you give me a link to a site where it is crashing? Ideally without the need for logging in or creating an account?

I'm not the original poster, but here is a link that causes TB to crash instantly every time I've tried it (TB ver 6.0.1, 64bit Linux Mint 17.1 Mate edition):!1xlm0YYI!J-iu1FRjGmLATXxJ_-y1vhD6PXwbSjYH9xb-brWPmEE

Thank you for all your extremely valuable work.

Thanks! And thanks for your help. Hm, so this works for me on different 64bit Linux systems. Did you try a fresh 6.0.1 with the default settings? Do I have to be logged in? If not, just loading the URL is what I did and I downloaded the pdf successfully as well. Am I missing some steps?

EDIT: Oh, and there are links to builds in comment 9 and 10 on that might help bringing some light into this issue (assuming it is related). If you could test them that would be great.

No login necessary to

Did not try a fresh 6.0.1 (all settings on mine are default), but did install the build in comment 10 on ( and it works fine as expected on the given problematic link, no problems.

Thanks this is helpful. Could you try the build in comment 8 as well? That would help us finding the exact patch that causes the crashes.

Actually a fresh 6.0.1 would fix your problem I think.

Okay, I did download another copy of tor-browser-linux64-6.0.1_en-US as suggested.
Voila! No problem at all.

I made a slight misstatement earlier -- the only change from defaults on my previous 6.0.1 installation was to specify a different download directory. I did the same thing with this one, so as far as I am aware the two installations are totally identical, configuration-wise. The old 6.0.1 fails reliably every time, the new 6.0.1 works (on the half dozen downloads I have tried).

Guessing corruption in some internal file generated during use, possible during an update (my old 6.0.1 was upgraded in place via the normal update process -- auto downloaded and applied when starting an earlier version of TB; my new 6.0.1 was a fresh, complete installation from a clean .tar.xz file). Many thanks for your work.

Hi thanks! I am the original poster.

Yes, as the other commentator said, problem is trying to open Even just the home page will suffice for a freeze/crash.

Seems a few of us trying to access that site.

Okay, this answers one of my questions thanks. Could you test the builds I mentioned above and check whether they fix your issue?

Sorry, my fault - I neglected to say I am on a mac. I see your builds are for linux.

Anyway, I'll try a fresh reinstall for now.

Thanks again for all your help.

As said above, I think a fresh 6.0.1 should fix your issue.

I reinstalled, but have the same problem. Having said that, my browser immediately included previous bookmarks - so perhaps it isnt really clean?

Other than deleting the app, is there anything else I should delete, maybe hidden, to make it a fresh install?


Yes, it seems you don't have used a clean Tor Browser. In fact, stuff in your profile is causing the crash. See ff. for how such problematic folders look like or point 3). Deleting that should be enough to get rid of this issue.

2) The second crucial bit is that one must have visited e.g. once before the update (I guess this applies to Facebook as well but I don't have an account to verify this). "Ideally", you have open, apply your update and visit again and it crashes.

I did visit it before the update. I can't access it now, so can't update again that way either.

3) The problem is confined to the Tor Browser profile. More specifically, for some reason there is a folder in profile.default/storage/temporary that contains binary asmjs/moduleN files which are different between a clean new profile used to visit once and a profile that contains them after the update. Not sure whether that difference is enough to explain the crashes (probably not) but removing solves the problem for me.

Please help: I cannot find any such folder!

Opened the Tor app to show contents. Cannot see the word 'profile', nor in any folder. Finder couldn't help me either. I have Tor open as I do all this.

Searched library too and mozilla folder there.

Please let me know what my file path is. Thanks.

Why can I not import bank certificates in the TorBrowser, like I do in Firefox. It used to work but does not anymore. Is there a good reason?

Searching the wiki for "certificate" it seems there should be no problem with using them. Problems concern checking which are bona fide.

So why does it not work for me. I use a toshiba satellite c660d-14e under various linux distros, eg ubuntu, fedora and recently sabayon and tb 6.0.1 Problem started several versions of tor browser ago.

Many thanks! That makes a lot of sense too.

Constantly crashes on Facebook.

On the previous complaints about ratings going higher and after several tests and hacks to figure out why this was an issue with 6 and then 6.0.1 and even 6.51a 64hard I run into the ticket mentioning this project which helped me look harder into the https-everywhere differences. Starting with 5.1.6 from 5.5.5 and looking at 6 and 6.01 I noticed it went to 5.1.9 which seemed problematic. Do not know why. Now there is a 5.1.10 which you can manually upgrade to and according to the broweseprint results it now blocks screen resolution which seems as it was a serious issue since last year. Maximizing, adjusting screen size seems to have no effect and the ratings now seem to have gone to unbelievably good.

Let's hope it is in reality no other way to identify.

Now on the following header with this crazy updating business going on and the mistake of having to go to EN or having to choose language all over again it seems as by doing so two versions of ENglish show up in the language CONTENT SETTINGS.
If you just leave en-US the score goes to the right direction. The more languages you add the better you can be identified. So stick to en-us as it appears to be the most popular

HTTP_ACCEPT Headers 12.21 4723.07 text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8 gzip, deflate en-US

Time to depart from my beloved trusty 5.5.5 and onto 6.51-64-h

I recommend leaving the update option for the user to REALLY decide next.

Ever since the new TBB 6.0.1 (Windows) update, pictures such as avatars don't show anymore on twitter apps.

After a failed incremental update to 6.01, "a properly localized English full version" for windows 10 Tor Browser is not starting.

TOR updates even when updates are shut off in the menu. After the unauthorized update, there is no red slash across the javascript when i do a search in or go to reddit.

i use the leak test at
It is Great
It shows what people can see from your browser

i DL Tor file torbrowserinstall-6.5a1_en-US.exe directly from your main site and my 360 total secuirty lit up RED saying it is a virus

it says it contains a trojan virus

Trojan (HEUR/QVM20.0.0000.Malware.Gen)

would you like the file for analysis?

I downloaded the regular, non beta tor from the same page 3 minutes before and that file is clean.

Have you checked the signature or the hashsum of the file? (see: for how to do that) Chances are high this is a false positive by your total security tool.

I have Disconnect Search set as my default search engine, but when I search, it uses DuckDuckGo. Can I prevent this?

6.0.1 keeps crashing!

Gone back to 6.0

Are you saying 6.0 is working for you but 6.0.1 not anymore? Where is it crashing?

Thanks for replying!

Same problem as another poster above here on 6.0.1 on website I use it for my artistic projects/collaborations. Freezes and causes Tor to crash - every single time.

Same issue with 6.5a1.

Thank you for all your amazing efforts!

Okay, copying some of my questions from above:

Did you try a fresh 6.0.1 with the default settings? Do I have to be logged in to see the crash? And to be sure, 6.0 is working for you, right? (

Oh, and there are links to builds in comment 9 and 10 on that might help bringing some light into this issue (assuming it is related). If you could test them that would be great.

i can t open the website anymore... Tor froze and need to be closed... happens once in facebook page... but in 100% of the time Tor froze...

This version is randomly crashing on facebook

We are tracking this on, thanks.

It refuses to open on Windows Vista, instantly throwing up a MS Windows error message:
"Tor Browser has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

Do you have ways to get more information about what is going on? Error messages maybe? Do you have tried to uninstall security/firewall software that is probably interfering with Tor Browser (disabling might not be enough)?

That's the only error message. I've tried 2 separate downloads and reinstalls. The only firewall I have is the Windows one, and Tor Browser doesn't show up on any of the rules or exceptions. I've tried disabling Windows Firewall, but I still get the same error: it fails to start and shows the same error message.

I am also having this problem.

6.0.1 will NOT WORK for me. When I try to run the browser after installing it a background process for "Tor Browser (32 Bit) will appear for a few seconds before disappearing and nothing happens.

The only way I can still get Tor to work is to downgrade to 5.5.5

I have the same results on both of my machines. Both are running Windows 10 Pro Insider Previews, with one of my machines on the latest version (14361.rs1) and the other on an older release.

I have tried everything in an attempt to getting it to run with no luck; even if I update Tor from within the browser it won't launch upon restarting it forcing me to have to uninstall (delete the folder) and reinstall 5.5.5

censoring comments or is mistake????? none of my posts are being posted here....

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Just to add my voice. Since upgrading to 6.0.1 Tor Browser simply won't run on my Win 10 machine. No crash, no warnings. It just doesn't open. I've downloaded and reinstalled a number of times to no effect. I've reinstalled 5.5.2 for the time being. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

How can we get the adobe reader add on working??

I found the culprit that was keeping TB6.0.1 from opening on my Windows 10/64 bit computer. It was the “Trusteer Endpoint Protection” program. Here is my Windows log from one of my many attempts to install TB6.0.1:




V:\Tor Browser\Browser\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Trusteer\Rapport\bin\MSVCR120.dll

Seeing this, I accessed the Trusteer Program (Programs > Trusteer Rapport > Stop Rapport), stopped Trusteer, deleted TB 5.5.5, then downloaded and installed TB6.0.1 successfully.

Thanks for that, I have uninstalled rapport and all is well.
You are a star..

Found the same. turned off, tb started. turned on again, tb stopped. also found other problems previously reported re globalscripts and duck duck go.

You're definitely the man. Disabling Rapport does the job. Thanks for sharing. I wonder why Rapport is behaving this way though.

Real enjoyable application...

the transport types meek-amazon, meek-google and meek-azure are not working

meek-google is currently not available, yes, but the other two are working for me on my test Linux box.

This won't work on Linux 10.10

Why the questions about auto update being ignored? that's freaking unsecure, and we cant even turn it off omg, neither can check the authentity of the new tb, when it updates..

Because the Tor Project has been pwnd by Winnie the Pooh.

Very annoying. What I did was going into the update-settings.ini file and removed the pointer, so that the content now looks like this:

; If you modify this file updates may fail.
; Do not modify this file.



This stops the update.

Version 6.0.1 and 6.5a1 do not open, no error messages or whatever. Going back to version 5.0.4 (had it still on my machine) solves the problem. I'm running windows 7 professional. Never had problems before with the Tor Browser. Hope it will be solved soon. Thks.




kill the cap and make a donation : if you restrict the node you are not anymore anonymized and you should give a try on gnu-linux.or at least firefox.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s so called “net-neutrality” rules on Tuesday which allow the agency to regulate Internet providers like a public utility.

I use the web site to check my Tor configuration. When using the new Tor Browser Bundle 6.0.1, I am getting the following error stating that the Tor browser differs from the recommended profile. This is the message I am getting:

"You are using Tor, but your browser profile differs from the recommended"

I am also getting the same message using Tails. I've never had this issue before. What do I need to do to properly configure Tor to avoid this message?

Have a look at the details of the error, it's showing IP Check is still expecting an older version of firefox than the one in the current bundle.

It sounds to me like someone over at jondonym has fallen asleep at the wheel and hasn't updated the stats to match the latest bundle.

My guess is wants to see the same profile that is used in the browser JonDoFox running on the program JonDo.

I have been getting the same Message from ip check but have downloaded the browser bundle from tor website twice now, both times checking key but still getting You are using Tor, but your browser profile differs from the recommended. Please can anybody explain why? Thanks

Its not your configuration its that IP check have not updated their site for the updated version of Tor.

Version 6.0.1 just won't open on my Windows 7 Professional. First time I've had a problem but, from what I'm reading in various places, there are many in my position.

Would greatly appreciate some advice for us all from the good folks at TOR!

PLEASE HELP! Every time i update it won't open no matter what i try and do, the only way is to go back to the old version. Please i want this sorted for security reasons.Never had this problem before, i'm on windows 10.

As earlier comment, version 6.0.1 does not open. Version 5.5.5 works fine but then updates itself and stops working. I'm running Windows 7 Home (64)

After Downloading and installation, Tor does not run. When I look in task manager Firefox appears and disappears. I have uninstalled and installed but it does not work.

I'm having the same problem.
I even installed an old version ( which works) then after I update, I still having the problem.
Windows 8.1

see post above - have you got Trusteer Endpoint Protection installed?

Found the problem, as written in previous comments, Trusteer is the culprit. stopped Trusteer and Tor starts working. While tor is running started Trusteer and tor browser stopped working.

Tor is not loading facebook comments on news sites. I have Tor on Windows and Linux and it doesn't work. Even if I logged into FB, the newspaper is not showing any option to leave comments or showing other user's ones, but I can see them through another browser.
Any ideas on how to solve this?

Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit

When I go to Tor 6.01 almost crashes after the latest automatic update. The screen gets intermittingly black. The screen of that website is frozen for about 5-10 minutes, so cannot scroll down. Only a litlle bit after about each minute.

With mobile phone, Chromium Version 50.0.2661.102 Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit) or ordinary Firefox 47.0 or Midori 0.5.11 no problems to get


I noticed when I update from 6.0 to 6.01 my Yosemite Mac OSX it give me the message a "newer version already exists". I have also seen this error when installing plain firefox . Has anyone else notice this message on their Mac?

I use the web site to check my Tor configuration. When using the new Tor Browser Bundle 6.0.1, I am getting the following error stating that the Tor browser differs from the recommended profile. This is the message I am getting:

"You are using Tor, but your browser profile differs from the recommended"

Should I be able to create a Gmail account through TOR? I tried to create a Gmail account "" and gmail states the account already exist. When I check it using an Emil check website that confirm the existance of an Emil. The Email address does not exist.

Circuit used

Tor Circuit
Bridge obfs4 Canada

Hello World, how are you? :)

I have just found out that a Tor Relay using IPv6 give a false negative message : 'Sorry. You are not using Tor', with the IPv6 adress of a Tor Relay below.

Have a nive day everyone.


On June 10th, 2016 Anonymous said: "duplicate/doublon"
kill the ipv6 pls.
(you should read the posts yet written before posting _ have a nice day ,) _ byebye)

New problems in TBB 6.0.1? Seen often recently:


The same with a -rough- ?nt?.dll .
Javascript off.

Do you have the full error message? Are you running Trusteer software? There are a number of crashes related to it interfering with Tor Browser. Or does this happen on particular websites? If so, which ones?

The HTTPS Everywhere add-on has completely disappeared from my browser. (Anyone else have the same problem?) I assume this happened during the update process.

You are the first one reporting this. So, what operating system are you using? Do you know whether this happened after updating Tor Browser or after updating the HTTPS-Everywhere extension? Did you get any errors while updating and restarting the browser?

Windows 7. I did not see any error messages while updating or restarting the browser. (I sometimes see the "something went wrong" error message when starting the tor browser but this is quickly replaced by the "welcome to tor browser" message. I assume the brief "something went wrong" message is a placeholder and not something to be concerned about, although I have wondered about this.)

I have not manually updated the HTTPS Everywhere extension. I am only using the automatic browser updates. I do not know exactly when the extension first disappeared.

Does it come back with the update to 6.0.2 (assuming you were on 6.0.1 so far)? Generally, I am wondering whether there is a way to somehow reproduce this. Could you try using your setup and doing the "usual" things you do? (See e.g. for an older Tor Browser). If have tested several possible scenarios on my Windows 7 testing machine but always HTTPS-Everywhere is still there.

It does not come back with the update to 6.0.2. I will see if I can reproduce the error. I have not found a way so far.

still cant get tor to start, deleted the tor folder and reinstalled.

all that happens is i get spinny icon for 5 seconds then nothing

Tor 6.01 only has 6 transport meek-amzon, meek-azure, meek-google, obf3, obf4 and scrambleuit. However your website still shows 10 Transport.

I m using Mac running Yosemite. Is this just a webite "" update omission ?

No. These are all pluggable transports but it does not mean that they are necessarily included in Tor Browser. Some are deprecated, some are not production ready etc.

When i click on the HTTPSEverywhere icon, the browser frame is pops to default size.
Can i switch it off?

Which operating system are you using? Could you give us steps to reproduce the problem?

I've used a fix as mentioned previously - updated TBB installs ok but will not load, Task master shows activity for a short spell but then stops.

I shut down Trusteer Rapport / Endpoint and it work straight away.

Posted a comment that 6.0.2 still wont open with Trusteer on and reverts to DuckDuck Go. Should say running windows10

Yes, you have to turn off Trusteer until they fix their stuff. And, yes, Disconnect does not have access to Google search results anymore which results in a fallback to DuckDuckGo. You can use a different search engine, though, if you prefer.

I downloaded 6.0.2 and it was working just fine on Windows 10 but now it simply won't open. Tried 6.0.1 and same thing. I haven't made any changes to my system, I don't believe. Any advice? Thank you!

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