New Release: Tor Browser 9.0a5

Tor Browser 9.0a5 is now available for Android from our distribution directory and Google Play. This version is for Android only, the latest alpha version for Linux, macOS and Windows is still 9.0a4.

Note: this is an alpha release, an experimental version for users who want to help us test new features. For everyone else, we recommend downloading the latest stable release instead.

Starting August 1, 2019, Google Play requires that applications support 64-bit architectures. With this alpha release we are testing a fix on our aarch64 build in order to be able to fulfil this requirement.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 9.0a4 is:

  • Android
    • Bug 31260: Backport bug 1477259 for aarch64 support on Google Play

August 02, 2019


In alpha versions 9.a03 - 9.a05 there is a problem posing a threat!
Description of the problem:
I am going through authorization, logging in to the account, I am on the site, closing the page past the "exit" button; After closing the page, I clear the browser cache. I go back to the site, the following happens: I see that I am logging in to my account without authorization. This means that the browser cache is not completely cleared, which can in some cases pose a serious threat.

How exactly are you "clearing the browser cache"? You should be changing the Security Level shield and starting a New Identity from the onion icon or closing the browser. Did you logout of the site before you closed the tab, or were you logged in when you closed it? Are you opening the site from a bookmark that saved your login settings in the URL?

The description of the problem relates to Tor Browser for the Android operating system!
Present or not, this problem in Tor Browser for other operating systems is unknown to me.

Detailed description of the problem:

I perform all actions in one browser window!

1) I launch Tor Browser
2) on the main page about: tor in the window "address input field" I register the site address
3) click as usual
4) the site page opens
5) enter login and password
6) click
7) the page reloads, authorization occurs
8) I make any necessary actions on the site under my login
9) after completing the actions I close the browser window
10) automatically opens a new browser window about: tor
11) enter the browser settings menu, click: "clear private data"
12) the browser reports: "personal data deleted"
13) close the browser menu
14) in the about: tor window that opens, in the address input field I re-register the site address
15) click
16) the site page loads and opens
17) I see on the opening main page of the site that I am logged in and am online!
18) I click for example: on the link to enter your personal account, and freely enter without entering a username and password! And I can perform any action without authorization.

In alpha versions 9.0a3 - 9.0a4 - 9.0a5 where the page immediately opens and works in private mode, this bug occurs on all sites with any protocol. It helps to avoid this only by exiting the browser completely and closing the tor process.
After a new browser launch and tor launch, this is not observed.



> 9) after completing the actions I close the browser window

Logout from the site before you close the window.

> 10) automatically opens a new browser window about: tor

A new window should never open automatically. How many windows did you open in that session? Tor Browser doesn't close if you don't close all TB windows. Did you intend to say "tabs"?

> 17) I see on the opening main page of the site that I am logged in and am online!

Is the site yours? Is the site misconfigured and not logging out users correctly? Does it use HTTPS or plain HTTP?

> In alpha versions 9.0a3 - 9.0a4 - 9.0a5 where the page immediately opens and works in private mode, this bug occurs on all sites with any protocol.

No page should immediately open except about:tor when you first open the browser. If other users reading this have confirmed this user's bug, please reply.

> It helps to avoid this only by exiting the browser completely and closing the tor process. After a new browser launch and tor launch, this is not observed.

Good. That's what you're supposed to do. Either that or click "New Identity". If you disabled private browsing mode or customized Preferences or about:config, then you're responsible to understand what the effects are. Most of those preferences are documented by Mozilla Firefox. That might be why nobody else here has confirmed your bug yet.

Sounds to me like you still had cookies. Clearing the cache* doesn't clear the cookies, and cookies are how sites usually keep track of your authentication. Generally, though, logging out removes that authentication, so you should either do that or clear cookies; doing both is not a bad idea, either, and neither is changing circuits, or even just getting a New Identity. But a cookie is likely the reason you saw this behavior.

* Cache is just copies of data stored to improve performance; clearing it is sometimes helpful to get rid of stale copies of pages that are causing you to not see current information.

After this update my tor browser app stopped working. I open it then hit connect and then it crashes.

Same for me, crashes ok on opening

Ditto, ditto.

Same wtf

Same issue, Tor crashes as soon as it loads....

I've had this exact same thing. Running android 9 based MIUI 10.3.6 stable. When looking around if other people have a similar problem there's quite a few mentions of similar seconds-after-startup-crashes in the Play store reviews for the current update...

Me, too. It was good before.

mine too.

This isn't an update per say it is an alpha release.

If you found a bug you should file a bug report not waste your time posting it on the blog,

Same. Crashes during connect.

It is doing the same to me.

Crashing after first run


Google translated:
"How can I use Tor's translation function?"

My answer:
Tor does not have a translation function. I guess you could try Google Translate for basic purposes. On the Tor Project homepage, there is a language menu at the top of the page.

Tor没有翻译功能。 我想你可以尝试谷歌翻译用于基本目的。 在Tor项目主页上,页面顶部有一个语言菜单。

I have just installed the Alpha version for Android.
The first thing which appears to be inconvenient is a font. All websites in times new Roman I guess.
Is there any possibility to change the font?

After the most recent update for my Tor Browser on 8/01/2019 when I try to open it it immediately crashesr.

Mines crashing aswell s9 note

Mines not working either and cant retrieve bookmarks I'm on android samsung s9 note any one how I can get my bookmarks out of tor alpha and in to the normal tor browser .

Idem for my phone after update the browser crash and auto close but orbit remain active in background (huawei mya-L11)

Every time I click on the Tor Browser icon I get an pop up window that tells me Tor unexpected exited. Says it may be due to a Tor bug or a program on my computer. I click the log to copy it to my computer and it says there is no log file. I am wondering how I can determine what program of mine if it is a program of mine that is causing trouble and what I can do to get the browser to start.

What operating system are you on?

the application stops immediately when opened

Android Huawei p30 pro

I cannot download thru I know there is a setting to change 2 to 1 or vise versa. I just
cannot find the setting.

После обновления до последней версии открываешь тор и он через сикунду вылитает. HUAWEI Mate 20 lite

Great work!! but maybe someone can post the exact apps required for each individual device for full anoninimity as well as there exact configuration to startup. This most likely will save people screwing it up and allow the saints to infiltrate. Updated blogs for problems that arise built into tor browser would be cool too.

Why are some sites not accessible with the Toor browser? (for example error code: Access Denied
You do not have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference # 18.972bf648.1565288881.f93a8c3

Because there are some websites out there that think they need to block Tor usage. Or they bought a security tool that thinks Tor usage needs to get blocked.

New version crashes after start

Is there a bug tracked yet for the bug where this crashed on startup in Android? If not, I will create an account and make one.

Yes: Stable will contain the fix, so does not start crashing like the alpha did. And the upcoming alpha is unaffected by this bug as it is based on ESR 68.

Is there a 32 bit version for Windows XP?

No, we only support Windows 7-10.

You could boot a live USB of a Linux distribution such as Tails (recommended by Tor Project) or search DistroWatch by "Distribution category: Beginners" or "Distribution category: Old Computers".

The latest Alpha version Just keeps on crashing on S9 Android pie. It worked fine in previous release.

Why not consider adding web page translation? This is a must-have browser feature!

Because translation services send the address or text of the page you're visiting to a third party. Allowing a third party to log your browsing history is antithetical to privacy. You can if you want to, but it will be at your own risk.

can't sing up for twitter through tor why?

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