New Tor Browser Bundles

The Tor Browser Bundles have all been updated to the latest Firefox 12.0 as well as a number of other software updates, bugfixes, and new features. We've rebranded Firefox so it should now be more easy to distinguish between it and your normal Firefox. We've also added Korean and Vietnamese to the available languages.

UPDATE: The Mac OS X 64-bit bundles had a minor Vidalia problem that prevented TorBrowser from being launched. They have been updated to 2.2.35-9.1 and are now available on the website.

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.35-9)

  • Update Firefox to 12.0
  • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1b
  • Update Libevent to 2.0.18-stable
  • Update Qt to 4.8.1
  • Update Libpng to 1.5.10
  • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2.0.2
  • Update NoScript to 2.3.9
  • Rebrand Firefox to TorBrowser (closes: #2176)
  • New Firefox patches
  • Make the 32-bit Tor Browser Bundle compatible with OS X 10.5

April 28, 2012


Make the two bundles, please. One with a Tor symbolic, comfortable, another with the Firefox branding(ask them, work closer), or at least with Aurora's (geeky Firefox, who knows) and with a somehow hidden(easily hide-able) Vidalia icon. I mean - you are taking responsibility for so many situations with the new TBB icons.


April 28, 2012


Vidalia Control Panel freezes on Mac OS X 10.7.3 on "Connecting to the Tor network"

Not happy with this.
Please fix.


April 28, 2012


can you guys pleasse open a forum?? I have lots of questions I want to ask about online privacy and don't know where else to go.

I second this. But rather than asking questions I want to answer questions. This is close to impossible here on the blog since my answers will take longer than one week to get back to the user with these long moderation times.

Please open a "official" Tor forum. I believe it is important for all Tor users to be able to discuss and help each other with security and Tor related questions in order to fully understand how to stay secure while using Tor.

I will reiterate what I have stated previously:

I appreciate your offering support by email and telephone. I am rather surprised and perplexed, however, that you would offer such direct, one-to-one support while apparently not offering a public support forum. I cannot imagine how this can be cost-effective for you. Surely, you must receive many repeat questions. If people were directed to a forum and at least strongly encouraged-- if not actually _required_-- to search for answers to their questions before making a new post, it would no doubt save you much unnecessary time and effort. Additionally, in a forum, contributing members of the public would invariably at least sometimes answer questions accurately, thereby saving time and effort for Tor staff by allowing them to simply post to corroborate such answers, rather than having to write them themselves.


April 28, 2012


the black icons are still there. and it is no more using aero effect. I didn't like it.

Same here (Windows 7 x64)! I really liked the Aero feature. And, if you try to bookmark a page...well, good luck with all the transparency issues (see screenshot URLs below).

What confounds me is these *exact* issue arouse in previous TBB versions, and then were (recently) they're back; arrrg!
Attn. Erin, Mike, et al.:

How do you all *not* realize there are such noticeable and annoying bugs? With this version the minimize, maximize, and close buttons for TBB are black, and bookmark function isn't visually correct (nor particularly usable). Do you not test each new version of TBB? (that's an honest question I hope someone will answer)


TBB black buttons: minimize, maximize, and close

Check.torproject web site

Check.torproject web site; bookmark1

Check.torproject web site; bookmark2

P.S. Here's the bug report version of this rant:

"(once again) Black buttons, transparent bookmark functions...TBB v2.2.35-9"


April 28, 2012


I am running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3, and I updated to the most recent version (the version in this post). I have tried 64-bit - which my machine is - and Vadalia simply freezes whenever it attempts to connect to the TOR network. I can't find any solution to this problem.

I also tried to run the 32-bit version, which did connect to the TOR network, but as soon as I typed a search inquiry into DUCKDUCKGO, Vadalia crashes. I re-opened, and the same thing occurred.

Currently, I cannot connect to the TOR network at all. Is anyone else having similar issues? If so, does anyone know of a fix. I need to get connected to the network ASAP.


What version of Firefox does the unstable Tor Browser Bundle use?

Graphic error

The window-appearance is different from what I've set at my computer. Torbrowser/Firefox is partly gray. The close-button in Torbrowser/Firefox is missing too.


Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.35-9
Windows 7 / 32 Bit

Please bring back Vidalia and the stand-alone Torbutton for Firefox! So everyone can use his own Firefox and switch to Tor if it's necessary.

Or build up a good update-function into the Browser-Bundle, that all settings are retained. It is annoying to save the profile every and insert manually after the Browser-Bundle is updated.

But the Torbutton / Vidalia Bundle was much easier to handle. Please bring it back!

This isn't working for me on a MBP (Mac Book Pro5,2, Mac OS X 10.6.8), using the download).

It's gets as far as the 'Establishing a Tor Circuit' point, then stalls with the spinning beachball, at which point I have to do a forced kill after a few minutes. I've had to downgrade to 2.2.35-8 for the meantime, with which, I'm posting this ...

Why not using Firefox ESR?

Less often new Firefox "features" which often have a
detrimental effect on anonymity.

Constantly crashing in final stage of connecting to Tor network (Firefox/TorBrowser never fires up) on Mac OS X 10.7.3 - Core i7, 12GB DDR3 memory.

Crashes on OS X 10.5.8.

Got something like this in the log:
Thread 0 Crashed:
0 XUL 0x01adae1a mozilla::scache::NewObjectOutputWrappedStorageStream(nsIObjectOutputStream**, nsIStorageStream**, bool) + 1145098

Neither of the new OSX builds work for me. The 64-bit version's Vidalia always crashes partly through connecting, and the 32-bit Firefox browser crashes shortly after startup. I'm on 10.6.8.

Browser crashes instantly when right-clicking or middle clicking hotlinks on OSX 10.5.8

Anyone else?

Virus scanner shows a Gen.Variant.Kazy.25958 infection in the newest browser bundle release.

Just downloaded and checked tor-browser-2.2.35-9_en-US.exe on virustotal as i always do and one detection came up F-Secure with "Gen:Variant.Kazy.25958" I am assuming that just is just another false detection but believe that the developer/s should be made aware of this if it is.

Anyway hash information is below and I am also asking is this the correct hash of the downloaded file

sha-256 of the downloaded file is
and the sha-1 is

I have the same SHA-1 for tor-browser-2.2.35-9_en-US.exe and
that download had a valid GPG signature.

With Firefox (german/Windows 7), in the new Bundle, the badges minimise / maximise / close are black. Also dialogue windows nich are properly shown.

Nice work. I like the new branding. Also glad to see DuckDuckGo and Startpage included by default in the list of search engines.

Bit defender:

Virus Gen:Variant.Kazy.25958

on TorBrowser\FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox\tbb-firefox.exe

OS: Vista


Extracting this new package my antivirus BitDefender 2010 updated to the last virus definitions report a virus Gen:Variant.Kazy.25958 inside the file "ttb-firefox.exe".

Is an antivurs fault?

Thank you for your work

Virus on last TBB

It is nice that TBB now again starts on OS X 10.5.8, however - the rebranded Firefox (to TorBrowser) is unstable and restarts itself after a minute of browsing. #fail-again

The Macintosh version that downloads as of right now is still the one with the problem. Please replace it with 2.2.35-9.1.

2.2.35-9.1 64-bit for Macintosh is not working.

Can you put the pre-2.2.35-9 version back up again. It's better than nothing. I need something to use now, and I don't have time to wait for bug fixes and testing.

Hi, you've messed up the close,minimise and restore buttons on win7 x64 again.

Both bundles still crash on OS X Snow Leopard

Both bundles still crash on OS X Snow Leopard

Thanks for new bundle but there is an issue with fonts. Some websites (ie.: shows their pages with serif fonts instead of sans-serif fonts as before. Pages are sometimes less readable now. I am using new linux tor bundle.

I just downloaded the newest version of the TorBrowserBundle for Firefox 12.0. It is continually crashing on me. I'm using a Mac, OS X Lion 10.7.3. Had no problems with the prior version of TorBundle. Specifically, if I click the browser back arrow to go to a previous page, the TorBrowser quits with the error message "TorBrowser quit unexpectedly". If I try to go to to check my connection, the TorBrowser quits as well. Vidalia is still running and if I check the message log everything looks normal; there are no error messages. I have no problem with running Firefox 12.0 alone without Tor.

Are there any settings or preferences I need to set with this new version of the Tor Browser Bundle? Can I safely use the previous version of Torbrowser (TorBrowser-2.2.35-8-osx-x86_64-en-) until this problem is fixed? Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Yup, same here, running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on 32-bit Intel.

help me, virus in tbb-firefox.exe !!!!

9.1 crashes when trying to load a page that has nothing but graphics and text. Mac OS X 10.7.3 on Core i7 here. I think you will need to push a new update again. I'm back to 8 until you stamp out all the problems with 9.x.

"Rebrand Firefox to TorBrowser (closes: #2176)" - this is not totally fixed! Icon in "docky" (popular windows manager for linux) is still genuine firefox logo (brown fox around Earth). New icons are visible in docky RMB context menu only.

Tor doesn't work. Can I have the last hour and a half of my life back please?

WTF is this. I just downloaded it, and the bundled Firefox will not start anymore.

After extensive analysis, I found that tbb-firefox.exe cannot be opened, because I don't have the permission to do so. Windows is unable to display the current owner, nor change it permanently.

After changing the owner to myself and editing the permissions, nothing changed. It always states "The parameter is incorrect" when opening and reverts the owner every time I check the properties.

The same issue seems to appear in the unstable version no matter what I do. Please fix this ASAP.

Windows 7 64-bit, J.L.

while moving mouse over noscript icon, the whole browser crashes on mac OS X 10.6
when reopened noscript disappears.

Thank you!

Is it still ok to copy the old TBB version's profile to the new TBB, like commented here:

If I do so, the Browser keeps telling me that a security update is available.

the browser could not launch. i had to return back to version

regarding my last comment, my O.S is Windows 7.

Roboform does not work.

Hello Torproject!
Please tell us what kind of files (in Firefox folder) and what they needed in Tor Browser ???


In standard Firefox 12.0, the files are missing.

ps TBB for Windows

I have tried the latest Tor bundle on 3 machines, 2 running Windows 7 and one with XP.

When I do a proxy check via, regarding Charset, I only get an orange reading and the advice:

“Your browser does not return any value for this header. This differs from the Torbutton default setting and may ease browser recognition”.

What am I doing wrong? What do I need to change to achieve what is said to be the default setting?

Thanks for your help?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for rebranding the browser pack. It's so much better for me, because I have a couple of Firefoxes opened at the same time, different versions for different uses.

Meh do you guys test your releases at all!? Mac torbundle 2.2.35-9.1: if you right-click the firefox toolbar and click 'customize' results in immediate crash of the browser.