Tor Browser 4.0.1 is released

A bugfix release for the latest stable Tor Browser is available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

Most notably, Tor Browser 4.0.1 fixes a crash bug affecting many users on Windows (see: bug 13443 for the details). Furthermore, the latest stable version of Tor ( is included and a bug in our updater code got fixed.

This is not a security update, and we will not be deploying update notification or automatic upgrades for all platforms for this release. We may provide automatic updates just for Windows users later in the week, but we are hesitant to do this immediately due to Bug 13594.

Here is the changelog since 4.0:

  • All Platforms
    • Update Tor to
    • Update NoScript to
      • Bug 13301: Prevent extensions incompatibility error after upgrades
      • Bug 13460: Fix MSVC compilation issue
  • Windows
    • Bug 13443: Disable DirectShow to prevent crashes on many sites
    • Bug 13091: Make app name "Tor Browser" instead of "Tor"

November 01, 2014


It's funny for every exit node runners to see the webpages Tor users visiting through their nodes, so can you developers develope a browser like this to increase the Tor exit nodes and may speed up the Tor network.

That is honestly a good question. If no one tells them that the snooping is going on (and they do nothing illegal with the data they sniff) how will anyone know?

I mean if the government really want to crack the Tor they can force the middle/entry node runners to snoop the IP address and data, why only force exit node?


November 01, 2014


Hey guys thanks for the latest release, I was hoping that 4.0.1 would of fixed my crashing issue but it still remains.

Until 4.0.0 was released I never had a problem updating Tor etc, but since then, when ever I try to open it it just crashes and gives me this windows message. ( I've spent hours trying to find away around it (inc USBs).

Any help would be appreciated :)

"would of" ?

I think you meant "would've" or "would have"


Thanks you so much for the new release of TBB!!

BUG: I still can`t edit any digital certificate in Tor Browser ,please fix it as soon as possible.

On windows XP it is still as unusable as version 4.0.

stop using windows xp yo!

Indeed, everyone should have updated to Linux or BSD by now. Or ReactOS.

Yes. had this same issue on 8.1. When I shut down Rapport which I also had isnatlled, all was OK

me too! I have the same problem as i had with 4.0 version.
OS: win xp

stop to use it now and install Ubuntu / Mint for new Linux users ! its easy its safe and everything else....STOP WINDOWS ! keep it just for play if you can't play on Linux but Steam playing good on linux and you keep safe yourself ! sorry for my english i'm french

how is this not a security update while tor contaiuns security fixes and upgrades?

Tor Browser 4.0 includes Tor, which has all the important pieces of Tor

Still crashes when trying to edit the location where to download the files..
And no,… doesn't help

I literally can't wait for a 64bit torbrowser, because the 32bit version is lagging ALOT

64-bit Tor Browser already exists for 64-bit GNU/Linux, so I assume you're talking about for Windows. Tor Browser going 64-bit isn't going to happen on Windows until Firefox releases 64-bit versions, as Tor Browser is based on Firefox and doesn't have the programming staff to deal with getting 64-bit builds done themselves.

With that said, when you say it is "lagging alot," what do you mean by lagging? Unless you have a lot of tabs open, Tor Browser shouldn't be talking up enough memory for 64-bit to provide a significant benefit. If you're referring to page load time, that's an unfortunate cost of the anonymity that Tor provides and can't be eliminated.

Don;t forget the mac, and I don't mean page load speed, page load speed was never that bad as people claim it to be. What I meant was scrolling down a page (for example) even when I'm only on 1 tab, or minimizing the browser, etc.. it lags it doesn't move smoothly, it seems like it moves step by step, piece by piece taking ALOT of time to do its task like minimizing or scrolling down...

I tried to download the Tor browser 4.0.1 from this website, and it contained a virus and I had to delete it.
Although I downloaded the Tor browser 4.0 from this website and it does not contain any viruses.
Can the Tor project please do something to remove this virus on the Tor browser 4.0.1?

It's very unlikely that it is actually a virus.

You should contact your antivirus company and ask them to please reduce the number of false positives they're reporting. But it won't help -- the antivirus scam is getting worse these days. :(

Thank you for your helpful reply, :)

I downloaded and installed TB 4.0.1 with no problems from my antivirus program, Bitdefender Free.

An computer user with even moderate ability doesn't need to be running any of this 'anti-virus' scam junk! It only bogs down your system and make you paranoid!

I've noticed that when using Tor Browser 4.0.0, visiting the JonDoNym website via their diagnostic page no longer works. It hangs and never delivers the diagnostic results page.

Me again.

I installed TBB 4.0.1, and still won't run the diagnostics.

It hangs with a message at the bottom saying "Beginning FTP transaction", then it just sits there. It has run perfectly on all versions before 4.0.0.

When I temporarily enable scripts in NoScript it runs, but I didn't used to have to do that. As a result it lowers the security test score because scripts are enabled.

Works for me with 4.0.0 on Linux.

I've got the same problem running on two different computers, both running Windows 7.0 64-bit.

Hi is it possible for me to download the 4.0 Tor browser from this website?
I don't want to download the latest one, I prefer the 4.0 version.

I highly advise you to download this one, it's not an alpha nor a beta release. It contains many bug fixes.

"...with no problems from my antivirus program, Bitdefender Free."

Is it true filtering with SSLcontrol on -Bitdefender function- is reintroducing SSL3?

i have just downloaded the tor browser 4.0.1
i am making this comment using the tor browser 4.0.1
i have feedback for the tor project ,tor browser 4.0.1 is great and works well.
i have trend micro security and when i tried to download the tor browser 4.0.1 from this website it said that the publisher is unknown and that this file could potentially harm my computer, i ignored the message and i just downloaded it anyway

Right -- we've had tickets open for a while to do the platform-specific package signing that each platform expects. But nobody has gotten around to it for years, mostly because none of the developers use any of those platforms. :(

Why Haven't you updated Expert Bundle for Win32 since tor-

We actually have an official win32 Tor package. It's just not linked from the download page yet. Please help!

I really hope the next TorBrowser release supports H.264, you can ask Mozilla to backport it, or you can patch it. H.264 will increase TorBrowser's usability significantly, which will increase its user base, and hence the anonymity it provides.

Also, why don't you take advantage of webRTC and make it a Skype alternative?

My understanding is that H.264 is still patented, and the only reason firefox has it is that they've got Cisco building the code for them and they don't actually distribute it (the firefox installer goes and retrieves it from Cisco's servers which removes some of the patent concerns for Mozilla.) Code compiled by a third party is a rather large concern in Tor Browser where it could be used to leak. Yes, it might increase the user base but it isn't worthwhile given the security concerns.

FF34 supports H.264 natively without the use of plugins, it's FF33 you're talking about,which isn't what op was referring to.

This isn't true for FFv34:"Built-in support for H264 (MP4) on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer through native APIs" the release notes.
And by releasing v34 firefox is now effectively supporting H264 on all platforms: for mac (v34), windows (since v21), and linux (since v26).

I hope that too, so many websites are giving errors about not playing videos that wouldn't give and would have played nicely if tb supports h264

I have a question i was on a .onion site and out of nowhere a box opened up that said game.exe wants to open allow or cancel. I of course clicked cancel do you think a exit node had something to do with it?

More likely it came from the .onion site you were on. There isn't any "exit node" when you're visiting a Tor hidden service.