Help Smash Tor Bugs!

by alsmith | August 1, 2022

Smashing Tor Bugs in 2022

Last year, your support of the Bug Smash Fund helped us solve 241 tickets related to Tor bugs and maintenance.

From smashing bugs related to anti-censorship features for censored users, resolving issues in Tor Browser, and conducting sysadmin maintenance, to squashing bugs on the network, resolving errors on, and making documentation updates, you've powered the behind-the-scenes work that keeps Tor safe and strong.

If we assume each closed ticket required just 30 minutes of work to fix the bug, you made 120 hours (about one month) of Tor improvement work possible.

Today, we need your help to smash more bugs.

In 2022, we've been hard at work. Connection Assist in Tor Browser 11.5 has made it much easier for people to route around censorship against Tor. User support channels on Telegram, and in Russia, have expanded Tor access in places where its desperately needed. Onion service admins have received new DoS protections for their services. Congestion control has arrived in Tor Browser stable. Arti 0.5.0 has brought more stability to our Tor re-write in Rust. These improvements need maintenance over time—and keeping these tools running smoothly is just as critical as building new features.

This year, we must raise $75,000 to ensure we can smash Tor bugs and conduct needed maintenance.

Last year, the average Bug Smash Fund donor gave $60. Can you help keep Tor users safe from bugs and connected to the open internet with a donation of $60? Without Tor, many of our users would not have a safe option for getting online. Helping us smash bugs keeps Tor's most vulnerable users safe, like this user from Turkey:

What I can get with Tor, I could not get anywhere in [else] in Turkey: information, news, banned articles, and much more... I couldn't safely [use the] internet without Tor. - Anonymous Tor User

Every donation made to the Tor Project in the month of August will go towards the Bug Smash Fund.

Make your contribution today and keep Tor strong. Thank you!

2021 Bug Smash Results

2021 Bug Smash Results

Below we'll highlight areas of work—and related solved tickets—made possible with your support of the Bug Smash Fund.

👾 Bugs related to anti-censorship tools (23 tickets)

👾 Bugs related to metrics and network health (13 tickets)

👾 Bugs related to the Tor network (97 tickets)

👾 Bugs releated to Tor applications (44 tickets)

📝 Documentation projects and updates (35 tickets)

🛠️ System & service administration projects (3 tickets)


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