Tor partially blocked in China

On September 25, 2009, the Great Firewall of China blocked the public list of relays and directory authorities by simple IP address blocks. Currently, about 80% of the public relays are blocked by IP address and TCP port combination. Tor users are still connecting to the network through bridges. At the simplest level, bridges are non-public relays that don't exit traffic, but instead send it on to the rest of the Tor network.

If you want to help people in China get access to the uncensored Internet, run a bridge.

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We knew this day would come,….


September 30, 2009


An interesting thing I've struck today is blocked websites are having a blank html page sent back so all i get is a white page.

One of the more interesting blocks recently is that google translate is blocked on anything that contains 什么 two very common characters (meaning what). This seems to be a new tactic to make these services seem "unreliable" as sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't, depending on weather or not you have "什么“ in your page or not.

It is obviously that the whole public directory of Tor network has been blocked by our dear Great Firewall. I am feeling ashamed for their naming such a project with such a name - "Great Wall". The later one is a nationalistic pride for resisting foreign aggression while the former one is our shame for suppressing people's opinions.

Now bridges are the only ways for us to get what we need out there via Tor proxy. Please help us, help the people here in real need with your Tor bridge relays. We thank you people outside Mainland of China very much in advanced.


October 02, 2009

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But for how long ? How long should this help sustain? There always will be an end to this . you know what i mean, It is just that we all dont want to think about it. (and yes we have never thought that the situation would become this worse, ,have we?)

Any way the current state wouldnt last for long. Either China(or ccp) push out some more ridiculous theory about purifying cyberspace than green damn to justify its action or it will keep lying through their teeth and denying everything. Either way if the we dont trash its plan as we do to green damn, the situation could be worse.

Dont even expect the situation to come loose after the National Day. I think you all heard the news that China has just finished its Golden Shield project Stage II and Blue Shield in September. Do you think those nuts will just turn off the switch and left their new toys rust in the control room? I doubt it

Tor must change and adjust. The situation could only be tougher.


October 02, 2009



since Tor is an important tool to avoid censorship I propose to develop ways to distribute it in censored countries. I'm thinking about some kind of distributed Tor-downloader/updater, which transfers signed Tor packages/installers/sources in a p2p, but stealthy way. Yeah, I know automated steganography is hard, but since deep packet scanners are also automated I guess there is a chance.

The goal would be to create a way to download the software itself, if you stumble about it. It should be able to create a randomized page with a randomized version of itself. Maybe by presenting a page based heavily on javascript, so it is even harder to scan it. If you install it you also have a way to download Tor (and maybe other interesting software) in an easy and secure way using a special protocol. Random ports, encryption, looks like other protocols (like games, emails, http(s)), ...

So many ideas. If I have enough time I implement something like this, but maybe someone else could do it (too).

We've already started to work on a distributed distribution, with the expected secure updates and downloads. It's called Thandy for now, and one of our google summer of code students integrated bittorrent into it. You can read more about it at

This doesn't mean our solution is the only solution. Getting others to extend or rethink our work is a fine idea and goal.

i was hoping if you could consider and think about iranian users who are being filtered every houre too.

in iran i've got high speed , loads of people have high speed connections but the slow down be speed even worse than a dial up connection

you tell us what to do :(

We are working on helping users in Iran. We learned much about how iran works online in June/July of this year. We're working with many people to figure out next steps for Iran now. It seems Tor users in China and Iran both need bridges right now.

Dear Gentlemens / Ladies, website can accessed by Tor in this today, and Tor has return to normal conditions in China. We need to some Net Bridge!

Another so called GFW made in US:

Symantec SEP 11 has blocked Tor, is there any way to solve this problem?

To who provide bridges,thank you very much!


I'm in Beijing, and was using hotspot shield until it got blocked for the 60th Anniversary.

Now I'm trying TOR, but i'm having problems.

I managed to get connected to the TOR network using Vidalia and bridges (The TOR onion is green).

I also downloaded torbutton for FireFox, and enabled the torbutton, which added some proxy settings - for HTTP proxy, and for Socks.

However, i'm still unable to browse the the restricted websites. In fact, i'm not able to browse anything after enabling torbutton.

Can anyone please help me?


I am from China, Now all other softwares (like freegate,ultrasurf,etc. or some VPN servers) seem to be blocked, Tor is the only software that can drill a hole in G.F.W, thanks a lot to those people who developed the Tor!!! we will never forget you!

It's not too slow to get connected but extremely slow to browse.
I believe they are making an effort to block Tor further.

yUP tOOOO sloow man like turtle,but maybe turtle can run fast than TOR to browse web,.

Please help us in china... It's been really difficult here!

TOR is working very well in Beijing. Bandwidth is low sometimes, but all in all very satisfactory. Thank you!!!

How can we work with bridges... please I need help.
I´m now in Wenzhou and I have no access to anything...

There's a captcha on this page to stop robots leaving comments.

But there is no captcha on to stop robots harvesting bridge addresses.

Hello? HELLO? Anybody home? It would take half an hour to implement and potentially greatly increase the effectiveness of the bridge system. Sort it out !

We already rate-limit and restrict requests on the bridges website internally. As you see with spam comments on blogs all around the world, captchas don't work too well.

In the past few years, there were some Tor relays with IPs from China. If connected to one of those, it would be so slow and then connection timed out. Could they be working for GFW?

Today, after setting up bridges, there're no relay from China. Sorry, just can't trust anything from China, if have to, they should be used with caution.

I hope we don't get a filter in Australia too (Aus government wants one :\ and are really quiet about it, nobody knows anything about it) That would really suck, so much for democracy ...

Tor does not seem to be working for me in Xiamen, China.

I am not able to connect to any relays. Also, most pages linked to Tor (except this one) are inaccessible to me, just get a time-out message.

i am also in xiamen. just find a web proxy and goto
you will get 3 of IP Bridge.

Then put them all to Vidalia -> Settings ->Network
Mark 'My ISP block connection....' and text box will showed
put Bridge IP here. then try to start Tor again... Good Luck!

PS.another way to get bridge is to send Email to
and put 'get bridges' in the body of the mail.

I'm in Jiangsu,CHINA. TOR with bridge is working very well here. thanks.
And I find many TOR mirror sites via,so I can download TOR software directly.
But I warry about upgrading of GFW in the future.


Add to the blocked list.

As one from China, I thank you all for your great contribution to freedom.
Apprently, is blocked, now the only thing left is Gmail.


Tor不能用呀,用email发的get bridges也不能用。

if anyone can use Tor in China mainland,please help me.
my email is

for the past few days i've been unable to connect from china using bridges i've received through email