Nullcon (Goa)

Nullcon is the largest security conference in India, and this year is the 10th edition of the conference. A new track named Digital Security & Privacy for Newsrooms for investigative journalists & editors will take place on Sunday, March 3. The track will focus on digital security 101 and related notes for the journalists and media professionals.
The day will start with a talk on *Importance of digital security & privacy for journalists* by journalist Joseph Cox. There will be a talk+hands on session about the Tor Project and related tools, including the new OnionShare, and how journalists can take advantage of different available tools made by the Tor community. There will be also a demonstration of SecureDrop and discussion about how the Tor Project helps to keep journalists and their sources safe in this modern connected world.
The track also contains talks about threat modeling, securing mobile devices and reporting on breaches. 
The organizers are providing free passes for journalists/editors/media professionals. Visit the track page to register.