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Tor is released!

by isis | October 2, 2017

Alex Færøy, Nick Mathewson, and I have just released a source tarball for a new Tor alpha (sig). This is the first time for Alex and me making a Tor release! We're hoping that rotating some of our more tedious responsibilities among all the developers on the Network Team will relieve unfair pressure on people like Nick who pour enormous amounts of time and effort into these tasks. You can help us out by testing the alpha, and please report any issues you encounter!

We Want You to Test Next-Gen Onion Services

by tommy | October 2, 2017

We’re looking for technical people to come help us test next-gen onion services. They’ve been fully merged into tor-, and the latest version of Tor Browser supports them. We're still in the testing phase, though -- keep an eye on this blog for the official launch.

Tor is now released!

by nickm | September 18, 2017

There's a new stable Tor release series available!  After months of work, you can now download the source code for Tor from the usual place on the website. Packages should become available over the coming days, including (we hope) a Tor Browser release before the end of the month.

Tor is the first stable release in the 0.3.1 series.