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New Program Turns Librarians into Privacy Advocates

by alison | December 22, 2017

We've got an exciting announcement from the Tor and libraries partnership: New York University (NYU) and the Library Freedom Project (LFP) are creating a collaborative program funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services called Library Freedom Institute.

Tor en Primavera Hacker este fin de semana en Santiago (Join Tor at Primavera Hacker in Santiago This Weekend)

by ilv | November 29, 2017

El próximo fin de semana se llevará a cabo un encuentro Tor durante el festival Primavera Hacker, un evento gratuito realizado anualmente en Santiago de Chile que aborda las relaciones entre tecnología, política y cultura. This weekend a Tor meetup will be held during the Primavera Hacker festival (hacker spring), a yearly free gathering organized in Santiago de Chile around the relationships between technology, politics and culture.

All Are Welcome at Tor’s Open Hack Days

by tommy | September 20, 2017

Next month in Montreal, Tor folks from around the world will be convening to discuss the future of Tor as an organization and designing the protocols and features that we want to see in the future. As part of this meeting, we’re also having two open hack days everyone is welcome to join.

Take Part in a Study to Help Improve Onion Services

by phw | August 16, 2017

The goal of our study is to understand your expectations, assumptions, and habits when browsing onion services. For example, we are wondering: How do you keep track of onion domains? How do you discover new onion services? How do you know an onion service is legitimate and not an impersonation? By answering these questions, we can identify usability issues and build better anonymity technology.